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Research visual style/auteur theory 


Clearly what we see and hear in the trailer is influenced by the visual style of the film itself.  Often visual styles are linked to genres, however they can also be linked to the director who made the film.  When directors have recognisable styles they are known as auteurs.

Choose a director from the list below or a particular director that you like.

Alfred Hitchcock

Martin Scorcese

Stanley Kubrick

Baz Lurhman 

Guy Richie

Wes Anderson

Coen Brothers

Quentin Taratino 

Jane Campion

Chris Nolan

Tim Burton

John Carpenter

Woody Allen

Tim Burton

Mike Leigh

Or any other director that you are interested in from the IMDB list of auteurs - click to go to page.


Watch three trailers for films by this director. Remember that older trailers will be less sophisticated in style than contemporary trailers and will often use elements such as voiceover that are now more generally used in a tongue in cheek, ironic/parodic sense.

What aspects of the trailers are visually similar: this is known as the signature style of the director.

Put this research onto your portfolio.  What have you learnt from this director in terms of producing footage that is consistent with creating a 'look and feel'.



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