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Research visual style/auteur theory 

Music Videos 

Choose a video that you particulary enjoy/like - this should not be based on whether you like the artist and their music.  You must choose it on the merits of the music video.

Try to find out who directed the music video and if they have directed others. Watch these videos - do you notice any similarities/differences.  Does the director have their own style that they bring to the interpretation of the music?

Here is a slide share completed by a student on this topic.  Clearly they make some valid points - however it is important to realise that all music videos are generally edited in time to the music.  This is not attributable to any one director and is more a convention of the form itself.

Complete a post using the information/analysis that you have completed.  This may be completed on PP, short film DVD extra, VLOG, Embed videos/screenshots and written analysis.  


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