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List of possible research and planning for the Film campaign 

This is a list of possible research and planning that you should have on your blog by the time that you film.  I am putting it here now so that you have an idea about how much you will have to do, even if you have been keeping up with the timeline so far.

Obviously you should also have research and planning that is self directed and shows the creative process and thoughts that you are going through.


 Analysis of trailers/teaser trailers of the genre that you are considering - micro and macro features (individual) I would analyse at least 7 trailers and do a different BLOG entry for each- you don't necessarily need them to be within genre - you just need to make sure that you are taking key elements that you like from them.

  • Analysis of the posters/mag covers for these films (individual)
  • Analysis of audience demographic and box office for the same films -use IMDB (individual)
  • Analysis of four front covers of a film magazine - codes and conventions - macro and micro (group)
  • Posting about synergy between the poster campaign and the trailer campaign for the film trailers that you have analysed (individual -  group discussion - VLOG)
  • Posting about the impact of trailer sites/social networking/youtube/phone apps on marketing through trailers - where and when we see them etc (group VLOG)
  • I would have also loved you to have looked at development of trailer over time - remember I set this work weeks ago - however no one has done it.
  • Questionnaire - create google questionnaire about how audiences respond to trailers/posters and film campaigns - this was set as work weeks ago....(group)


  1.  Minutes of meetings - ongoing (group )
  2. Mind maps -ideas etc (group - unless your ideas are your own)
  3. Narrative of film - synopsis - group
  4. Story cannon for film - how it relates to other films - sum it up - several ideas - group
  5. Key elements of narrative selected for trailer and why - group discussion
  6. Storyboard (this should be a movie - e.g. animatrix
  7. Shooting script for trailer - please look at example shooting script on OCR A grade blog
  8. Mock up poster - taglines/slogan etc should show synergy with trailer/connote genre through shared iconography, cinematography, stars, director, production etc
  9. Name and target audience for Mag
  10. Mock up mag - group
  11. Audience feedback on planning  - questionnaire or focus group - group work
  12. Filming Schedule
  13. Location/costume/prop ideas - group
  14. Sound ideas and inspiration -should be done on garage band - group


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