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5 lessons and two hwk - learning time 5 hours  

Analyse 5 music videos - and produce a powerpoint or blog post for each 

Music Video

  1. How does the video exemplify the lyrics?
  2. Does the pace of the editing match the genre of the song?
  3. Is there any intertextuality to other films/TV/music videos?
  4. What does it add to the perception or the star persona?
    • Does it highlight their seriousness as an performer or singer song writer?
    • Does it emphasise their sex appeal 
    • Does it make them look like the 'boy/girl next door'
    • Does it highlight their fame or talent
    • Does it suggest that their songs are about them and heart felt etc/personal 
    • Does it suggest that they are anarchic and cutting edge?
  1. How does the video use performance/narrative/abstract shots?
  2. What is its visual look or asthetic? - colour/camera work/edtiting 
  3. What signifiers of genre are used - these may be part of the mise en scene - or the cinematography  editing style?
  4. What aspects of the music video have a dreamlike/postmodern quality 
  5. What stands out about this video - why do you like it so much?
  6. How successful is the video in communicating the meaning of the song?




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