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List of items for your blog - Trailer 

Several students have asked me to post what the expectation is in terms of blog work.  Please be aware that if you are doing music video - you need the same kind of stuff - but for music video.  This is not a definitive list and a grade A blog will showcase greater independence and originality.  Please also be aware of your choices for ancillary tasks.



  •  Analysis of trailers/teaser trailers of the genre that you are considering - micro and macro features (individual) I would analyse at least 7 trailers and do a different BLOG entry for each- you don't necessarily need them to be within genre - you just need to make sure that you are taking key elements that you like from them.
  • Analysis of the posters/mag covers for these films (individual)
  • Analysis of audience demographic and box office for the same films -use IMDB (individual)
  • Analysis of four front covers of a film magazine - codes and conventions - macro and micro (group)
  • Posting about synergy between the poster campaign and the trailer campaign for the film trailers that you have analysed (individual -  group discussion - VLOG)
  • Posting about the impact of trailer sites/social networking/youtube/phone apps on marketing through trailers - where and when we see them etc (group VLOG)
  • I would have also loved you to have looked at development of trailer over time - remember I set this work weeks ago - however no one has done it.
  • Questionnaire - create google questionnaire about how audiences respond to trailers/posters and film campaigns - this was set as work weeks ago....(group)


  1.  Minutes of meetings - ongoing (group )
  2. Mind maps -ideas etc (group - unless your ideas are your own)
  3. Narrative of film - synopsis - group
  4. Story cannon for film - how it relates to other films - sum it up - several ideas - group
  5. Key elements of narrative selected for trailer and why - group discussion
  6. Storyboard (this should be a movie - e.g. animatrix
  7. Shooting script for trailer - please look at example shooting script on OCR A grade blog
  8. Mock up poster - taglines/slogan etc should show synergy with trailer/connote genre through shared iconography, cinematography, stars, director, production etc
  9. Name and target audience for Mag
  10. Mock up mag - group
  11. Audience feedback on planning  - questionnaire or focus group - group work
  12. Filming Schedule
  13. Location/costume/prop ideas - group
  14. Sound ideas and inspiration -should be done on garage band - group

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