Updated Version of Final Draft

After the production of our album advert and album cover, we had to change the opening title font to the same one as the one in our promotional material.


Final Website Explained


This website navigation is inspired by Bruno Mars as I believe having all content on one page is easier and more satisfying for the audience to use. I have added a navigation bar at the top which takes the user to the specifiied section of the page through the anchor feature of the Wix website. I have also moved the date from below the fold (where it originally was) to above the fold so that it instantaneously reveals the release date under the title of the album.  

The latest music video has also been placed as the biggest feature of the above the fold so that it appeals to the audience the most, this is the case with the websites I have analysed such as the Bruno Mars website and Drake website. I have also added a call to action to prompt the audience to click on the video.

As the release of the album is the most relevant thing about the artist at the moment, it is important to place it first on the navigation bar and when the user begins to scroll. When the users of the wesbite scroll down or click on the "Music" button on the navigation bar they will be prompted to this section of the website. I have added a black box with 35% opacity and implemented the album along with other services which offer the album as well, when the user clicks on the buttons, such as iTunes, they are directed to the album on iTunes. The typography has been retained throughout the website. 

I have also made layed out the website so that the main content is centred and can therefore be seen on different devices such as computers, laptops and phones

The tour dates come next as the dates are after the release date of the album release. The design of each section of the website is kept as similiar as possible with the black background and Futura Condensed ExtraBold typography. The "Buy Now" are directed to a PayPal checkout when clicked on so that the audience can purchase the tickets.

From my website analysis, it is evident that making a merchandise store on the artists website is a common trend as fans of the artist will want to purchase more than just the album. The merchandise itself will include branding of the latest album release as it will be the most in trend designs due to the release of the album. Similiar to the "Buy Now" buttons above, clicking on buy now will direct you to a paypal checkout

The gallery section of the album features 6 miscallenous photos of the production stages of the album with the title "FOLLOW THE JOURNEY BELOW" underneath the photos. Clicking on the instagram logo will direct you to the Benzo instagram page. This keeps the audience engaged to the journey of Benzo and keeps the audience connected to the artist on social media where artist are likely to post and engage with their audience as oppose to on a website where it is primarily made to promote the artist music, merch etc.

In order to keep up to date with all the future updates and changes on the Benzo website, fans can enter their email in the field provided and receive emails whenever a new album or music video is announced. This also keeps the audience updated and engaged to the website at all time and is easy and free to do so.


Stages of creating Album Advert


Made with Padlet



Final Website Version: Above The Fold

I have been swayed between the two different background between this and the masked ones, but I have settled with this one as not only does it seem less "Techno", it also matches the album advert and therefore creates perfect synergy between our ancillary texts. I have also removed the social media bar altogether as the scroll down feature will mean the social media bar may stay in a awkward position whilst the user scrolls down, therefore I will be putting different social media links on different sections of the website where relevant.

Most importantly, using the website analysis I have gathered, it is important to promote the most popular single(s) on the album so that the audience can have something to relate to on the album and therefore intrigue them into listening to more. I have also added the call to action so that the audience are prompted to click on the music video. 

As for the masks background, I will be implementing that somewhere below the fold.



Updated Website Design

I have downloaded the font "Future Condensed ExtraBold" and implemented this into my website in order to keep synergy between my ancillary texts. I have also changed the toolbar as the audience did not like it and so I changed it to one that conformed more to the theme of the album. I have also dimmed the background slightly as the audience also felt that the masks may make the main content a little less clear and may therefore draw attention away from it.


Making of the Album Advert 


Album Advert Finished Product


Editing Process


Latest Draft Audience Feedback Update 

We have now implemented our mask shots that we filmed in The Pergola and alleyway and have boosted the narrative structure significantly. However it was suggested by the audience that we should show more representation of the night as our all our shots were primarily taken during the day, although our studio shots may come across as being filmed in the night due to the very dark mise en scene. 

We have drawn up some ideas of how we could do this, such as showing him asleep in bed but in a surreal way. We have thought of some ways we could do this such as showing him tossing and turning in bed restlessly, which is also mentioned in the lyrics of the song.  


Filming at the Pergola

Following audience feedback, we referred back to our possible locations and figured that the next and final performance should be filmed at The Pergola. The Pergola is an enchanting and mesmerizing location and aids us in emphasising the dreamlike quality of the music video. Here we also filmed some mask scenes and as well as performance shots. The day was also very bright and sunny, making the lighting very appropriate for the location we were in, making all the fine qualities of The Pergola stand out. 



Cypher Album Cover 


Final Draft


Website Progress 1 

This is the above the fold of my website 


Album Advert Checklist

During the creation of the advert, these features will need to be applied in order to make it as affective as possible.

1. Name of the album.

2. Name of artist.

3. Relese date of the album.

4. Strong picture of the artist.

5. locations where the album can be streemed, E:G spotify, apple music.

6. Names of some of the songs on the album.

7. The name of the artists website.


Album Cover Idea 2

Our idea is to make sure that the masked characters in the music video are part of the album cover and have a prominent role in the representation of the character and his feelings. Our idea is to make the masked characters pose in a similar way to the way 90s gangster rappers would pose such as Flatlinerz and Mobb Deep. This is meant to show how his feelings of anxiety and other feelings represented on the masks are strong and will always be with him, the same way a gangster group will always stay by each other's side. Alternatively, the masked characters could be seen to be looking threatening towards the main character.