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Final Website Version: Above The Fold

I have been swayed between the two different background between this and the masked ones, but I have settled with this one as not only does it seem less "Techno", it also matches the album advert and therefore creates perfect synergy between our ancillary texts. I have also removed the social media bar altogether as the scroll down feature will mean the social media bar may stay in a awkward position whilst the user scrolls down, therefore I will be putting different social media links on different sections of the website where relevant.

Most importantly, using the website analysis I have gathered, it is important to promote the most popular single(s) on the album so that the audience can have something to relate to on the album and therefore intrigue them into listening to more. I have also added the call to action so that the audience are prompted to click on the music video. 

As for the masks background, I will be implementing that somewhere below the fold.


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