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Stormzy - Gang Signs & Prayers Album Cover Analysis

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The album cover for Gang Signs & Prayer shows a reenactment of famous "Last Supper" painting of Jesus and his disciples. Instead of Jesus we see Stormzy and instead of the disciples we see gang members in blacked out outfits and balaclavas. The album cover fits perfectly with the name of the album as its represents the gang members and as well religion as he refers to "prayers". 

The album cover has a very strong theme of black and is made to look aggresive in order to fit into the London gang culture in which Stormzy grew up in and may represent his past as he often refers to knives and guns in his songs.

As opposed to making his name stand out, Stormzy is positioned in the middle and is standing up with the lighting positioned to make him the main attraction as his face lights up. 


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Album Cover Idea 1

Our first idea is that we should purchase identical masks and draw the words day and night on both of them. The image would consist of two same height people standing side by side with the face masks on. Elements such as chains, streetwear and black background could be implemented to give the cover a more urban look. 


Drake Website Analysis


Animated Drawing Implementation

In order to add more character and represent the theme of the dreamlike quality of the song, we have decided to add animated drawings in a few parts of the song. We have made sure that we dont overdo it as adding too many animations could easily draw away from the real message the song tries to portray, which is a serious one.

The animations we have used to can be easily comparable to those that are used in the music video for "Bruno Mars - Thats what I like", but on a much lower scale and the animations we have used have also been added on location shots as oppose to only matching the movements of the character.


Album Advert Finished Product V2

An important element that was missed out on the first version of the final product of the album advert is the method of using the most popular single of the album to promote the album as it increases the chances of the audience wanting to listen to more, similiar to the album adverts I have analysed. 

Another feauture of the album advert that has been altered is the social media logos featured at the bottom, beforehand it was the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter logos, but as this is an album advert that is being used to try and promote the album in order to create more sales and hits on streaming sites, it is more necessary to include the logos of major music platforms. Therefore, the iTunes, Spotify and YouTube logos have been added to make clear to the audience on what platforms they can stream or purchase the album on on release day. 


Rick Ross - Mastermind Album Advert Analysis


Potential Album Names Explained

Here is a brief explanation of our potential album names, which have been narrowed down to the ones which have the most chance of being picked. This presentation is interactive!

Mind Map created by Beni Dreshaj with GoConqr


Album Advert Analysis 3


New Location Shot for Mask Scenes

After our audience feedback we decided to go to a more discreet location where seeing masked characters would come across more more sinister and threatening. We chose an alleyway near our school to record with the same masked characters but with different masks. We also got a shot of me walking down this alleyway and reacting to the masked characters in a confused manner.

We are planning on applying filters such as the "Bloom" filter on final cut pro to make the sequence as dreamlike as possible, to emphasise its surrealness.


Audience Feedback Update

A few groups of audiences we have shown the draft to have rightly mentioned that the mask scene in the graffiti may not work as we see a vast amount of performance shots in the exact same location, which may interrupt with the continuity of his journey. After careful thought we have decided to remove the mask shots of in the graffiti tunnel and replace these with the new mask shots we filmed in The Pergola and the alleyway. 


4 Your Eyez Only Album Advert Analysis

4 Your Eyez Only is J Coles 6th studio album, released on December 9 2016. 

The album advert feaures J Cole in centre stage and is made to be seen as the main attraction from his positioning, this is a common theme in all album adverts. The sepia effect on the cover also gives the album an old fashioned feel and may be implemented to imply that J Cole is an old school rapper. The colours and typography used for the title also look quite retro to an extent and would not be expected to be used on a 2016 album advert. Another convention this album conforms to is the use of the featuring the main song on the album on the album advert, this can be seen on the right where it says "Includes 4 Your Eyez Only". It is also important to add the labels logos on the bottom corners in order to promote the label that has allowed the production too take place in.

What I have learnt from this album advert: 


  • It is important to add any effects on the advert that represent the overall vibe of the album
  • It is important to include the main song of the album on the advert so that individuals see this and may wish to listen to more of the same music.
  • It is important to feature the recording labels on the bottom corners.
  • The artist should be centre stage so that as soon as the audience see the advert, they know who its for
  • The title should be big and clear



Possible album names

- Speechless

- Lineup

- Cacophony

- True Dat!

- Off the record

- Off the radar

- No one talks about... 

- Proven

- Under wraps

- Orphic 

- Hush Hush


Star Construction


Graffiti Tunnel Second Visit

In order to implement the mask idea into our music video, we decided to go to the graffiti tunnel a second time, this time with an extra member (Charles) in order to have three people in masks. We drew on the masks beforehand in order to create meaning for the masks. We also took more abstract shots of graffiti which is still being edited and will be posted in the near future. We plan on going to more locations in order to show a journey where he is constantly seeing masked people, to represent that they will never go away. Here is the shot we got.