MV 2nd Draft Audience Feedback

We have shown our second draft to Ms Knight and this is the feedback she has given: 

She likes the new shots we have gathered from graffiti tunnel (especially the tracking shot) and the twitching effects implemented into the dark studio shots but thinks these should have been used to a smaller extent. She is also concerned about the 3-5 second delay between the title animation and the first scene, but we plan on placing a new intro into the empty slot. 

Another critisicm we received from Ms Knight was that the silhouette shot was not good as we couldnt see his face and the mise en scene is not thought out too well, although we did feel as if we created a good edit to transform from black and white to the vibrant coloured background when the beat drops. However, we have taken into consideration and understood why this scene may be a drawback and will decide whether to delete it after we get more shots.


Music Video Draft 2

This is our updated version with the grafitti tunnel shots implemented into the edit. We have also decided to remove the intro of me walking along a wall of graffiti as we believe the new graffiti tunnel shots are far superior. The intro shot is also filmed on the new 4k camcorders but we plan on using the SLR's going forward, therefore it is necessary to remove the intro shot in order to conform to continuity. 

We will show this to a few audiences and conduct an action plan depending on the feedback we receive.



Album Cover First Draft

We have decided to make an album cover for our album so that we can feature it on our website and potentially our advert (although it could ruin it). This is our first draft. 



MV First Draft Audience Feedback

Although the music video is in a very early stage, we have shown our music video to other students and friends and family in order to receive feedback and develop a wider idea of what we should add to the music video by taking into account our audiences opinions and recommendations.

We first showed out music video to Miss Knights: She told us that the shots we had in the dark studio were very good and the edits implemented into it worked very well, especially the intro where the vocals kick in. However she was not fond of the church shots and she thought it didnt represent anything and was meaningless towards to the lyrics and the overall vibe of the song (which we agreed about). We have therefore decided to remove the church shot going forward. 

We then showed some our friends: The dark studio shots proved popular with our friends as well as it "creates a mysterious vibe". They also enjoyed the edit. The only criticisms we received is that in needed a wider variety of locations and meaning. 


Social Media Influence on Music Videos


MV First Draft

This is the first draft of our music video, which has been put together after two days of filming in two different locations. Although, these are the early stages of our music video production, some critisicm I would give this first draft is that it feels quite boring and lacks a sense of character. In order to improve we will be looking into more vibrant and interesting locations, and finding a way in which we could add some narrative into the music video. 


Filming Day 2

In order to emphasize the theme of Day n Nite in our music video, we decided that it would be a good idea to make the most of the drama studio and the moodboard they have in it. After experimenting with all the different lights we felt that the blue light on a low-medium level created the most suitable image as not only did it create a clear image when recorded in a dark background (using the black curtains), it also looked natural. We felt that we created a dreamlike quality with the footage we got and we could work on these shots to create a dreamlike affect


Costume Ideas




Risk Assessment 2

As we will be in filming public areas, we will be exposed to many dangers that we will need to address and find the soloutions to


  • It is a discreet location in a socially deprived area, meaning the risk of some of our equipment being stolen is high therefore we will stay together at all times and only film there during the day. We will also avoid filming there when we see large quantities of youth. 
  • The alleyway is narrow and we may get in the way of people which some people may not react well to, which could lead to a fight etc. In order to resolve this theat we will make sure to allow people to pass by and stop recording if anyone wishes to not be recorded in the background.  


  • As the Pergola is a private area, we are required to fill in a permission slip to record there for legal reasons. If we do not, this could lead to us being kicked out and banned from the area indefinetely


  • We could potenially get into trouble by our school if we use the studio without permission, this would possibly restrict us from using the studio again as we would've broken trust with the teachers and staff. To combat this, we have established a connection with a teacher from the drama department who has kindly gave us permission to use the drama studio whenever we wish after school hour
  • We need to make sure to respect the area and take great care whilst in there as it contains expensive equiment such as the moodboard which creates tinted colour lights. If we break anything, this will cause fianancial problems for the school and ourselves as we may have to pay, and it would restrict our access of it
  • We need to make sure of fire hazards; we will do this by keeping the lights far away from the curtains

Graffiti Tunnel:

  • Similarly to the studio, we most definitely need permission as it isn't public property and could potential get us into trouble
  • There will be loads of people using graffiti spray cans, we need to make sure we aren't in the way of their creations and we respect them

Website Analysis - Bruno Mars


Ancillary Text Choice: Website VS Digipak

In order to create exposure for the album, we have to decide on a method of promotion for our product. Our option is either to create an online website or a Digipak. I have evaluated the pros and cons of each method below:

Websites can create more exposure than a digipak as it is online and is more easily accessible to our audience, as opposed to a digipak which is a physical copy that needs to be purchased. Websites are also a much more popular method of promotion, whereas a digipak can be seen as more outdated and arent created much anymore due to the vast expansion of the internet and availability of music on different online streaming services. Many websites nowadays contain a subscription form for people to subscribe to and receive emails and each and every update, helping them keep up to date with the latest music and content being released by the artist.

Websites can contain a substantial amount of content on it due to the option to create different pages and below the fold content and can be updated constantly. The option to link external social media accounts on the website also creates more exposure for the artist and the album they are making, whereas a digipak can not do this as it is a physical hard copy that can not be altered once released. 

Using my analysis of album ancillary texts, it is evident that Digipaks are now outdated and are not used as much as back in the day. Websites are now the way forward, especially with the new tech savvy generation where eveything is done online. As our target audience is young people, a website would make more sense to make. A digipak could appeal more to collectors of digipaks but this tends to be the older generation.




First Day Filming


Risk Assessment 1

As we have now decided the song we will be performing and drawn up some potential locations and a storyboard, it is now vital that we carry out a risk assessment in order to conform to the advice set out on the OCR Health + Safety page and prevent running into any trouble whilst filming. 

Our song of choice "Day N Nite" by Kid Cudi does not attempt to glamourise gang violence, money and drugs (although there is one subtle line about "smoking a clip" which will be censored). Instead it talks about real life mental issues that many of us experience. Therefore, we will not be representing anything illegal in our music video and we will not partake in a dangerous activities whilst filming. Also, the song does not have any swearing and any terms such as "stoner" will be censored as we will pick the clean version of the song. 

As we will be filming in private places as well as public places, it is important that we are granted permission to film in The Pergola and Graffiti Tunnel. If we fail to do so it is possible that we will be kicked out and banned from the areas, therefore hindering our progress and us having to find new locations. Furthermore, it is important that we keep our equipment safe at all times especially as we will be carrying expensive equipment such as SLRs and Steadicams. We can do this by keeping them close to us at all times and never leaving them unnaccompanied.