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Unit 10 learning aim A 

Now that you have done some research into the genre of your film choices. Do the following research on narrative exposition in film openings:


  1. Watch the film opening - how does it take you into the world of the film?
  2. What elements of the narrative does it tell the audience?
    • Is the focus on character exposition? (potentially consider Propp here)
    • Is the focus on the thematic concerns of the film? (binary opposition - alien/human, rich/poor) 
    • Is setting and time/period a major part of the exposition of the narrative? Is it crucial for me to know this as it will affect my understanding of the narrative e.g. a Historical drama, a Western?
    • Is the genre the most significant part of the narrative exposition - this may be true of say a Slasher film, a Western, a Gangster movie.
  3. Where is the audience positioned in the narrative at the start of the film? 
    • For example a voiceover will position the story from the viewpoint of a character and will give information about the narrative before or even after the action that I am about to see.
    • A montage may give a sense of what has happened before the start of the film narrative. 4
    • How are enigma codes used to suprise the audience and draw them into the world of the story?

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