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Prep for the assignment 

Apologises for my absence I hope to be in for our double lesson tomorrow - please continue with your prep work - I've summed it up here to help you.

Next week you will be given your first assignment brief and will have one week to complete it.

Your preparation and research work should be detailed - it is a rough draft of the assignment itself.

You must have completed the following:

  • Research into the codes and conventions of two film genres -including narrative/character tropes
  • Analysis of two films in one genre and two films in another genre
  • Ideally these should be from two different eras (not essential) 
  • You should have analysed one extract of 2-5 minutes from your chosen films in detail
  • You should analyse another sectiion of the film in less detail so that you have additional information to add to your analysis.
  • Make sure that you have a good understanding of the narrative of the film and the exposition of this in your extract. 
  • Remember to utilise narrative theory e.g. binary opposition, enigma codes/action codes, equilibrium/disruption/disequilibrium/equlibrium

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