Presenting your research findings: Categorised Unit 1 Criterion 4

This is actually work for Unit 1 but continue to save it with the rest of your work in unit 5. The final piece of work before you begin planning your own trailer/music video is to present your research findings. 

Pass: you will present your research results

Merit: competently present your research results with some detail

Distinction: skillfully present your research results with substantial detail.

You will prepare a written report into your research results. 

You need to explain the purpose of your research into film trailers (to help you understand the codes and conventions in order to make your own successful product).

You need to explain what research procedures you undertook (internet searches - what sites did you use and why? What books did you use and why?)

How did you decide what was relevant or not?

How did you store the material?

How did you organise it?

What did you discover about film trailers in your chosen genre? Comment on all the things you learnt - eg character, narrative, locations etc

What did you learn about audiences?

What did you learn about from your questionnaires?

How will your findings help you in the creation of your own trailer?

Bibliography: list all the books and internet sites you used.

Category: Unit 1, criterion 4


Checklist 3: Audience Research. All work categorised Unit 1 Criteria 2&3

*For the previous checklists: Don't forget to find additonal sources (ie got to the library and find some books) so you can show you didn't just use the internet in the course of your research.*


You need to look at how audiences interact with and respond to film trailers.

1) IMBD research: age, gender etc

2) Youtube: How many likes/dislikes, what sort of things do the comments say?

3) Facebook and Twitter: What sort of things are people saying about the film trailer on facebook and twitter?

4) Official film website: What sort of things are on it? How can the audience interact on it?

5) Fab sites: What sorts of things are on there? What are people talking about?

6) Reaction videos: how do people react to the trailers?


Don't forget the methodology table! Category Unit 1 Criteria 2 &3


7) Primary Research Questionnaire into film trailer/musc video consumption. Create a questionnaire to identify how, when and why people consume film trailers/music videos. Do at least 5 questions. Ask at least 10 people. 

Write a brief analysis of what you have learnt from your questionnaire findings and how these will help you when you make your own trailer/music video. 


Checklist 2: Research into film trailer conventions. All work categorised Unit 1 Criteria 2&3

For every piece of work you do for this checklist you need to complete a research methods log.

Methods: (eg Primary or Secondary)

Techniques: (eg Library, internet, archives, interviews, observations, questionnaires, surveys, focus groups)

Information Log: (eg Log of library catalogue searches, internet searches, archive searches etc)

Organisation: (eg Where are you going to file it? Blog categories)

Relevance: (eg How useful is it? How reliable is the source? How relevant is it to your research?)

1) Find a definition for your chosen genre. (What defines the genre, what do you expect to see in these films? Make a list of genre conventions. Are there any sub or hybrid genres? What do you expect to see in these sub or hybrid genres?) (Do the Research Methods Table. Categories: Unit 1 Criterion 2, Unit 1 Criterion 3)

2) What are some of the key films in this genre? (Do the Research Methods Table. Categories: Unit 1 Criterion 2, Unit 1 Criterion 3)

3) Identifying genre singnifiers. Watch some trailers for films in your genre. Identify how they use genre signifiers - list the different genre signifiers and explain what they show the audience. (Do the Research Methods Trailer. Categories: Unit 1 Criterion 2, Unit 1 Criterion 3)

4) Characters: How are the characters portrayed in the trailers? What are they doing and what does it show about them? What are they wearing and what does it tell us about them? What do they say and what does it tell us about them? What do we understand about the characters? (Do the Research Methods Table - you can do one table for all your research into characters, settings and narrative if you want. Categories: Unit 1 Criterion 2, Unit 1 Criterion 3)

5) Settings: What settings are shown and how are they shown? How do these fit with genre conventions?

6) Narrative: How is narrative established? How do the audience know what the narrative of the film is? What scenes are we shown that establish narrative and what dialogue do we hear that establishes narrative? What are the audience left wanting to find out?

7) Music & sound: What type of music is used (describe it) Why is this used? What effect does it have on the audience? What sort of sound can we hear? Why? At what parts of the trailer do they use different sounds? Use of silence? What sound signifiers are used to help establish the genre? What have you learnt from this research that will help you when making your own trailer?  (Methodology table Categories: Unit 1 Criterion 2, Unit 1 Criterion 3)

8) Institutional Aspects: Look at some trailers from your genre and identify what institutional aspects are present and what their purpose is. E.g. Are there intertitles? Intertitles are when text explaining the narrative appears in between scenes. What do they say and how do they encourage people to want to see the film? What Institutional logos are there at the start? Are any reviews included throughout the trailer? Are any awards mentioned? Are the actors or directors names mentioned? Dooes it say "From the producers of...." If any of these things are there, what effect do they have on the audience? At the end of the trailer, what institutional aspects are shown? - name of film, age rating, website, facebook page, hashtags etc? Why are they used? (Methodology table. Categories: Unit 1 Criterion 2, Unit 1 Criterion 3)

9) Structure and narrative: What is the establishing shot? What does it show about the life of the characters? What is the equilibrium? What shots do we see to establish the equilibrium? What is the disruption to the equilibrium? How is the disruption to the equilibrium shown? What do we see after the disruption is introduced? Are there slow paced montages? Are there fast paced montages? What is the climax of the trailer? What enigma codes are the audience left with? (Methodology table. Categories: Unit 1 Criterion 2, Unit 1 Criterion 3)


Checklist 1: All work categorised Unit 5 Criterion 1

This is the work you need to have for your blog so far:

1) Vocational scenario - reply to Thesper.

2) - Mindmap/document "What are film trailers?"

  • What are film trailers?
  • Why are they made?
  • How do they work?
  • Who are they for?
  • Where do we see them?
  • When are they released?

3) -Mindmap/document "Film Trailer Conventions"

E.g: •Narrative exposition Genre appropriate music Interesting/exciting/dramatic scenes Genre signifiers Narration Main characters Intertitles Cliffhanger LocationsActors’ names Director’s name Name of the film (at the end) Production company logos Release date Institutional accolades (eg nominations and awards) Institutional references (eg from the makers of…)

4) - 3x Initial ideas mindmaps. You need a mindmap for three different film ideas. These should include:

  • Genre Themes Narrative – sum up in a couple of sentences what the plot of the film would be Target audience Locations Props Characters

5) - 3x Film Proposal documents. You need to complete one of these documents for each of your three film ideas.

6) - A document where you weigh up your different ideas.

  • Possible pros and cons to consider…. Cost (will the budget be too high?) Actors (maybe you need older actors that you can’t get? Maybe one idea is set in a school so it would be easy to get actors?) Locations (do you need locations you can’t get access to?) Props Storyline Audience appeal
  • Explain which idea you’re going to take forward into the preproduction stages and why.

Unit 5: Assignment Brief

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