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What will I see, What will I hear?Blog post 9 and 10

In order to show your creativity and to help you with the next stage of planning you now need to do the following:

  1. Decide which of your film ideas you think is the best.
  2. Think about at least two alternative openings for this film.

Now read the example What will I see/What will I hear below and complete two of these to showcase your differnet film ideas:

Example: Film opening

  1. Black Screen – studio logo appears. 
  2. Sound Bridge – fog horn and ominous strings plucking/wind whistling low.
  3.  Fade in - Close up – light in lighthouse going around and shining through the green fog.
  4.  Titles of actors and director/producer appear in the fog and dissolve out as if they are smoke.
  5.  Graphic Match – fog dissolves into the steam in a bath – diegetic sound splashing.
  6.  Close up of woman's foot stretched out through the bubbles.
  7. Attractive woman's face appears from beneath the bubbles as there is a loud knock at the door. Close up of face – high angle shot
  8.  Dialogue/woman - 'Who is it?'
  9.  Cross cut to – medium  long shot of glass external door with fog outside – black shadows – loud knock – bang/bang/bang..
  10.  Dialogue/woman – 'Hold on a minute won't you'.
  11.  Medium long shot tilts up as woman gets out of the bath and puts on her bath robe.
  12.  Cut to - POV long shot looking through glass door as woman comes into the room – high pitched SFX (sound effects).
  13.  Cut to - Over the shoulder shot tracking of woman approaching the door.
  14.  SFX build and ominous strings begin again as woman opens door and stands on the porch looking around – long shot.
  15. Cut to -  over the shoulder low angle mid shot looking up at tall shadow holding a huge sword/cutlass, as the blade falls we hear the woman scream.
  16.  The title 'The Fog' appears.










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