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General Feedback 


  1. Make sure that you have all shared planning in your group on your blog - anything on google docs must be accessible without a login.
  2. Make an explicit blog entry for what you have learnt from your analysis of film openings Die Hard and Jaws.  I will go over this with you in lesson
  3. Increase the amount of production log entries - always finish with a next steps/Action - when, who.
  4. Make sure that you have embedded the correct google slide for risk assessment etc.
  5. Audience questionnaire and results embedded
  6. If people talk in your film opening - write a script 
  7. Redo schedules/risk assessments to include more detailed actions and evalution 
  8. Make sure that your Powerpoint of the pitch as well as a film of the pitch itself is on the blog
  9. Make sure that you intial planning meeting is on the blog - everyone in group - podcast 
  10. Do a reflection of what you found out from audience questionnaires - or focus groups - this is crucial 

Make sure that you also have the following on your blog: 


  • test shots - if possible -
  • Font ideas for titles - why 
  • mood boards for genre
  • music/sound ideas


Please double check all this - it needs to be done by Wednesday 4th May - at 5.00 pm - the latest 





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