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If you are analysing the codes and conventions of the news.

Outline the purpose of the news


  • Inform - gives me clear ordered information about current news in the world 
  • Entertain - it make the news intersting and entertaining through use of visuals, videos, charts, visuals, interviews etc 

 When is the news broadcast? What types of news bulletins are there? - rolling news (24 hour - e.g BBC News 24, Sky news); 1.00, 6.00 pm, 9.00 pm, 

Two types - hard news/soft news

hard news - politics/economics/ world events 

soft news - sport/celebrity news/cultural news 

News bulletins tend to target different audiences:

BBC - formal, serious, 85% of UK get their news from the BBC.  Most trusted seen as unbiased - It uses lots of serious conventions. 

Channel 5 - gossip/celebrity news/ short/ATTRACTIVE YOUNG WOMAN stands to the read the news - looks more informal.  

Newsround targets children - give examples of the codes and conventions that tell you that it is targeted at young people. e.g. mode address (the way a media text addresses the audience), graphics, music, presenter,  ident etc.

 Codes and Conventions of the news

Intro to the news - serious music is played - why - It is telling you that the news is serious and that the channel is reporting it formally and acurately.

Ident - suggests communication - e.g BBC globe - global - world stories ITN has Big Ben - in background suggests the location of the studio and also that it is at the heart of stories.

Newsreader looks at camera directly (direct address) and says the headlines - why? - Direct address makes us feel involved, he/she uses a serious voice (unless it is soft news) to emphasise the serious nature of the story.  Reading the headlines orders the news stories and also gives the audience 'teaser' which may mean that they stay watching.

Mise en Scene 

Studio - 


news desk - read the headlines , sofa and table - soft news or an interview , high key lighting, show cameras - draw attention to how authentic the news is, 

scattered papers 


To make it look like they are busy getting the news 

Clothing is formal business wear in broadcasts such as BBC, more informal in channel 5 - informal 

suggests they are serious, business like and informed.

The news reader introduces the stories and then it cuts to external video with a reporter who introduces the story further.










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