Legal and ethical considerations - Blog Post 8 

Task 1C - researching the ethical, moral, legal issues of your film idea -

Even though your film is targeted at 16-24 year olds it will have an age rating of 15

  • Research the BBFC      
  • Who are they and what do they do?
  • Why do films need age ratings
  • What does an age rating of 15 mean - what can you include what can't you include?
  • Why is it important that you comply with these rules?

Rules around filming outside in public space:

Go to this website.

British Film Commission

What are the rules about filming in public spaces?


Copyright Laws

What is the law of copyright - click here

How may this affect your film in terms of the music that you can use, the storyline, the title of the film

Task 2

Make a blog entry that outlines the following:

  1. What you can include in the film with an age rating of 15
  2. Copyright laws and how this will affect your production
  3. The rules about filming in public places

How will your production comply with (go along with these rules)


This fulfills the requirement in the assignment brief - see below  


      The client will also want to know that your planning has taken into consideration any legal, moral and ethical issues. You must research the relevant regulatory body to ensure that your production will comply with its rules, guidelines or codes of conduct. You must explain why it is important to ensure that you work to the rules, guidelines or codes of conduct.  



Creating a moodpboard -blog post 6 and 7 


Assignment Brief - Unit 2 - 


Film Making website that will help with the following weeks 


Unit 2 - assignment 1 - task 1 and 2 BLOG post 4 and 5


Unit 2 - the brief and your response - Blog Post 3 

Spotlight productions are keen to produce a film in a genre that is popular with a 16-24 audience.

In order for us to get funding for the film we are asking the team to generate initial ideas for the whole film, and to go on to produce detailed planning for a film opening for the film.

The film opening will give a taster of the visual style; introduce the genre; may give a hint at the narrative, themes or characters.  We expect the film opening to utilise sound and titling effectively and to reflect industry standards.

You will need to pitch to your team and the executive producer, your film idea and film opening idea before your group chooses one to go into the planning and production stage.

We know that you will have lots of ideas and you will need to decide which of these ideas is actually feasible.  

You will need to take into account.

● logistics:

o achievable aims

o location considerations

o timeframe considerations

o level of organisation required

● resources:

o availability of equipment/space

o expertise within the production team

o personnel required.

You will work in a film unit of 2-4 to produce the film opening for one of the films; you will also need to evaluate it. We want you to bear this in mind when you are planning the film idea and the opening sequence.


Unit 3 - first assignment brief - due 23rd November Blog 1 and 2 

Click on this link for a copy of the assignment brief

Please type this as a word/google docs document and then copy and paste it onto your blog.

It should take you about 6 hours for both of the analyses - you will have lesson time and study periods to do this.

If you want to use screen grabs you will need to complete the analysis on google slides and then embed this into your blog.



HWK - cinematography 

Make a Powerpoint on goolge docs that explains the follwoing shot types:

  1. Big close up/extreme close up
  2. Close up 
  3. Medium close up/mid shot
  4. Medium long shot 
  5. Long shot
  6. Extreme long shot 

You need to have pictures of the shot types as well as a comment/explanation of the following 

  • Name of shot 
  • Abbreviation 
  • Effect on the audience
  • When it is utilised in film making 

Due - Friday 18th September



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