MV-C final edit 


Magazine album advertisement final draft


Charles Cole, Website final draft 


Question four: How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planing and evaluation stages? 


Question three: What have you learned from your audience feedback? 

How important was audience feedback to the creative process, well the short answer is “It was the Most important thing”. Throughout the entire course I made sure to bring various of my peers to small test screenings of my music video, The feedback I collected from them proved invaluable towards the creative process of making my music video. Almost every creative decision in the final  draft is a direct result of my efforts to collect as much audience feedback as possible and as a result the my work as in its entirety was shaped accordingly. My blog shows various entries that detail some of the things I learned and all the ideas and corrections to the project that were built upon as a direct result of the audience feedback.

My first round of audience feedback showed me that the initial first draft had “some promise”, I decided to ask about the four areas of “mise-en-scene”, “Sound”, “editing” and camera work”. Through the camera work all the shot types were all around given a positive review however one shot shown from a side angle disconnected the artist from audience, this was an intentional choice as I wanted to promote a feeling of isolation in the video the side angle serves this purpose, some thought that it made him look as if he was placed in a sort of self imposed exile which has him hard to connect with as a member of the audience. Following on from camera work the lighting was also positively received however one shot was too dark for some of the audience members. This is one of the things that was under a direct influence of the audience feedback. Through having the audience tell me that some scenes seemed too dark I was able to edit the video in according fashion. However all in all the lighting gave off the desired effect of loneliness and isolation that I purposely showed off through this method, so hearing that it was easily understood by audiences showed me that I was on the right track with my meanings and representations constructed through the lighting aspect of the mise-en-scene. One area of mise-en-scene that was critiqued was the costume choice, overall audiences could understand that buy the darker colours that the artist was wearing that he was linked with a dark place in his life that was reflected by the colours. However a point brought up by a member of the audience was that a black coloured suit would in fact be the most apt choice as this style of clothing has some of the strongest representations when it comes to the themes and representations that I’m hoping to portray through the medium of my video. Through this section of audience feedback alone it helped me springboard into various ideas some of which made it into the final structure of the video. Audience feedback helped me learn that what may be an obvious indicator of loneliness and isolation to me may to be as obvious to others. So after collecting all the feedback from all of this first session of audience feedback I continued adding the suggestions from the audience feedback.

The next set of audience feedback was obtained in response to a survey this was done to help me learn what audiences value in a music video and it really helped me learn so much about the audience, for starters many of the audience didn’t think that the music video was quintessential to their understanding to the lyrics of the song. Many of them also said that the place that most of them watch music videos is on YouTube so that is where the video will be posted upon its completion. However the thing that most of them said was that they were most engrossed in the video with the star/performer. This is one of the most important pieces of audience feedback that I received from this I deduced that the performance had to be better so from this I went off and filmed additional shots of performance with more dynamic camera work that I edited into the video, many of which made it into the final cut.

After this I uploaded the first draft of my music video to YouTube and was noted with the following. 1.Appropriate angels  2. Filming techniques 3. Lip syncing  4. Performance. All of these things were good in the eyes of the audience and helped me learn that these aspects of the video that were all to do in the performance which was the main focus on uploading the first draft. However I was also told that; 1b. A change and variation in location would benefit mise-en-scene. 2b. More varied shot types would benefit as well 3b. Addition of narrative story elements would benefit as well. All of this helped me learn that the video was far from finished and that the although many members that respond to my survey said that the performer was the way that many of them were mainly engrossed with the video the addition of a narrative was a huge and regulatory oversight in my initial construction of my video which is something that I course corrected with additional re-shoots after learning from my audience feedback that the three areas aforementioned could all be fixed with the addition of narrative scenes.   From this sprung a couple ideas for representation of my music video, having something like a balloon float away was something that could link obviously into the lyrics and the visuals. From this idea I came up with an initial concept to do with a chinese sky lantern to have one of these in the video would’ve helped boost the representation of sadness and through the already established meanings and representations that have been portrayed in various forms of media already. However even though that the idea seemed solid to me upon further researching the idea I found that they were actually supposed to represent times of happiness so I decided that as the true meaning and representation was completely different it would be best to leave this idea on the cutting room floor. However it doesn’t change the fact that without the audience feedback I wouldn't have even thought of the idea in the first place.

After this I began constructing an overall thematic sense through an alum cover and website. At first I placed a lot of creative energy on the album cover and concept which at first manifested itself in the title “Magpies”. I carefully constructed this ideaology from various sources like analysing old nursery rhymes and taking pictures of single magpies. As the rhyme went “One for sorrow” this had an already built in representation for the audience to understand. However when testing this concept with audiences they found it really confusing. Even through that many of them said that with my explanation they make sense but without it they said that it was simply too hard to understand. It was through my audience feedback that I learned that an alternative representation would be beneficial to help the audience understand that message behind the album cover. The audience felt that the Raven species of bird has stronger representations of death and can also construct the same meaning and representation surrounding the idea for the magpies. The representation of death and funerals and all the other connotations that I wanted from the other representation.  This will of course need an immediate change to the albums name which would have formally been "Magpies". The new name of the album will be "Birds Eye View" this is representative of the artists persona as if he is looking on others from the titular “birds eye view” creating the thematic link that establishes him as seperate form the audience.

After this the next set of audience screenings and feedback showed that the newest edit tested well with audiences, with all the inclusions that I learned would be received well by audiences filmed and added into this version of the video it really helped with a positive outlook by the audiences and the overall arching narrative plot and structure to the music video has been praised by various audience members. Once again the performance aspect of the video was praised as well as the lighting used during those performances. The costume design was also praised for the ease of accessibility to the viewers understanding of the narrative and plot. The black suit was correctly identified as a funeral suit as well as the mise-en-scene of how all the shots took place in dark locations to personify the performers own emotions as well as to connect the lyrics and the visuals. Overall I was very pleased with the way that this edit was received, I learned from various audience feedback sessions what would have benefited the video and what has the most potent effect on audiences in terms of representations.

As the newest draft was uploaded to youtube in the days preceding this blog post I have had some time to collect and address some audience feedback in the three areas of

1) The album for the artist

2) The website for the artist

3) The music video for the artist

1a) The album art has been well received, the way that it has encapsulated an overall thematic link that is presented between the music video, website for the artist and the album cover itself. It presents all of the products with a synergy that shows itself over the course of the exposure of all the media forms.

2a) The website was called "intuitive" and "easy to use" I made sure that the website followed the forms and conventions of other websites from popular artists in the music industry, I also made sure that the website emulated the feel of websites of already established and prevalent artists in the Indie music genre. The website obeys the forms and conventions of the other previously analysed websites. It obeys above and below the fold conventions with all the things on the website purposefully placed to be used at their maximum effectiveness.

3a) The music video has been positively received as it approaches its final edit, the performance was once again one of the strongest aspects of the video, it was well received as the lip syncing was perfect as no complaints were levied against it. Furthermore the new inclusion of the narrative shots in a montage style at the beginning and once again at the end of the video. The way that the disjointed feel of the clips at the end have been received has helped to boost the meanings and representation of the narrative and stylistic choices of the video. The first draft was criticized for the bulk of the video only consisting of performance, this was somewhat rectified in the second draft however as the audience feedback still stated that they wanted more so more was added during the ending section of the video.  However it does not resonate with other members of the audience as well, through testing and audience feedback I have resolved to take the various edits of the video and initiate a complete restructuring the the video. Taking that well received performances and the narrative scenes along with the more abstract shots utilizing shadows instead of real models and adding them more and or less frequently to the video depending on where they will fit in the overall structure of the video. Without this session of audience testing and feedback I wouldn't have learned that some of the audience still had valuable grievances that had to be addressed with the video.

I collected some critical audience feedback for the music video. As it was nearing the end of its production I had one final audience test screening for V.3 of the music video. The feedback I received was honestly some of the most vital to the music video as a whole. Some of the editing was called "off pace" by some viewers with the overall narrative structure being called "Slightly confusing". This prompted a completely new edit of the video with a complete omission of some shots and a base restructuring of the entire video from beginning to end. This newest edit will be fully tested with audiences on Tuesday the 8th of may. However there was a small number of people who saw the video and from their comments on the video they gave it a far more positive reception then the V.3 edit. The V.4 edit was prised for a better and more concise narrative structure. The performances were cleaned up in order to remove any semblance of a drama studio and just to give the video a more professional looking quality to it. All the feedback that was levied against the video has been taken into consideration and the newest draft has addressed all the aforementioned points.

Overall throughout the creative process I kept learning throughout what My audience wanted and how I could impove and how my work as a whole was shaped by the feedback I recived without any of this feedback the way all of the products eventually came to be would've been compleatly different.