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Audience feedback #8

As I reach the final stages of my media production I looked for the last strands if audience feedback about my Music video, Website and Magazine album advertsiment. 

My website is complete, It follows the forms and conventions of all the websites previously analysed that I looked at and as I began to form the webpage I took the forms and conventions of two analysed websites and created my own based off of this. 

When shown to audiences they said that the website looked "Professionally done". They said that the navigation was easy and reading around the website was well done as the way that all the tabs are positioned they can have all the time they want to look at things.

My Magazine advertsiment has reached the final stage as well, the way it looks now is close enough to the way it will look in the end of production. 

Audiences siad that It looks as if it belong in a magazine, the way the alturnate colour scheme allows them to pick out key infomantion such as the name of the website and the name of the artsit and album. Choseing the colour red was a praised choice, as this contrased the dark backgrounds and the white of the other font. 

My music video has also reached its final stage, over all this time the video has changed form and shape so often that it is no longer recognisable, from the early days of a purly profomance driven narritive to the version with a mixture to what ultimatly became the final version. With audience feedback guiding me all the way I saw what worked and what didn't. When having my video criticed and looked over and over and over again I had various different Ideas and I had various different drafts that reflected these. As I learned from the final round of audience feedback, I have blended the three together and created a video that I fell embodies all the things that I anted it to and due to all the audince feedback I know it's reflective for them.

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