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Audience feedback #6

As the newest draft was uploaded to youtube in the days proceading this blog post I have had some time to collect and adress some audience feedback in the three areas of 

1) The album for the artist

2) The website for the artist

3) The music video for the artist

1a) The album art has been well recived, the way that it has encapsulated an overall thematic link that is presented between the music video, website for the artist and the album cover itself. It presents all of the products with a synergy that shows itslef over the course of the expousure of all the media forms.

2a) The website was called "intuitive" and "easy to use" I made sure that the website followed the forms and conventions of other websites from popular artists in the music industy, I also made sure that the website emulated the feel of websites of already establised and prevelent artists in the Indie music genre. The website obeys the forms and conventions of the other previously analysed websites. It obeys above and below the fold conventions with all the things on the website perpousfully placed to be used at their maiximum effectivness. 

3a) The music video has been positivly recived as it approches it's final edit, the profomance was once again one of the strongest aspects of the video, it was well recived as the lip syncing was perfect as no complaints were levied against it. Furthermore the new inclusion of the nartive shots in a montage style at the beggining and once again at the end of the video. The way that the dis-jointed feel of the clips at the end have been recived has helped to boost the meenings and representation of the narritive and styleistic choices of the video. The first draft was critisized for the bulk of the video only consisting of proformance, this was somewhat rectified in the second draft however as the audience feedback still stated that they wanted more so more was added during the ending section of the video. 

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