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My album art


 This is the picture really encapsulates the essense of the "Birds eye view" album. The type of bird is a Raven bird, this is the bird that I chose to have the focus and idea for the album built around, the way that the bird seen in this picture is key to the strong representation I wanted to surround the album. The strong image gives the audience something to look at and strongly associate with my album. Furthermore the connotations that are associated with this particular spices of bird have a strong themeatic link to the themes and ideas that I wished to portray with the music. As a side note the final album art will have slight edited modifactaions made to the picture, this is going to just further boost the strong image into a stronger one. The things that will be applied are;

1. A sharper distinction between the bird and bacckground that will help give it a stronger, bolder look from the background. 

2. A Grey coloured filter will also be applied over the picture in order to mute out some of the brighter colours and give it a feel that creates a greater layer of synergy with my product and has the two blend together better.

3. A blur will be applied to the background which will do two things, the first of which is allow for further focus of the consumers attention on the iconography of the bird and secondly allow for a more transformative feel to the whole picture, this will further synergise the picture with my artists persona and will have him blend with the rather depressing demmenor that I've crafted of him. 

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