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Audience feedback #7

 Yesterday I collected some critical audience feedback for the music video. As it was nearing the end of its production I had one final audience test screening for V.3 of the music video. The feedback I recived was honestly some of the most vital to the music video as a whole. Some of the editing was called "off pace" by some viewers with the overall narrtive structure being called "Slightly confusing". This promted a compleatly new edit of the video with a compleate ommision of some shots and a base restructuring of the entire video from beggining to end. This newest edit will be fully tested with audiences on Tusday the 8th of may. However there was a small number of people who saw the video and from their comments on the video they gave it a far more posotive reception then the V.3 edit. The V.4 edit was prised for a better and more consise narritive structure. The profomances were cleaned up in order to revome any semblance of a drama studio and just to give the video a more professional looking quailty too it. All the feedback that was levid against the video has been taken into consideration and the newset draft has adressed all the aformentiond points. 

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