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Final blog post

After the entire process has been complete what I have decided to reflect on is how the process has made the work change and evolve over the course of the creative process. When beginning this task I wanted to create a video that showed a strong narrative and theme. Through the endless editing and re-editing of the video I saw how through the audience feedback the video evolved. Some parts I don't agree with but as I learned from the audience feedback many things that I didn't think would work turned out better then I thought they would.

By re-creating what I had created I saw how with every little edit some part of the video became better and meant more for someone else. I learned about complatly new ways to edit and had various different skills that I either learned or sharpend over the creative process. Editing the entire video and learning photoshop were some of the biggest challanges, however I belive that It will show within the final product what wokerd eventually and what didn't.  I tried new framing devices and I tried new to look at problems from new angles and see how I could approch problems that I previously would'nt have been able to. 

Overall the things that I've learned throughout the creative process will show in the work I've produced. 

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