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Question 4

I had used a vast array of media technologies whilst making my final media product all throughout the different stages of production. The technologies differed in each use throughout said stages but did provide excellent help in completing the finished products. The devices that I used varied from the iMac I worked on to complete all my computer based tasks, to the cameras I filmed and photographed with like Nikon _ and the Canon EOS 4D as well as the softwares I edited with like Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Photoshop. On the research stage of my task, however, I mainly stuck to internet based websites in order to grasp what fully made a star performer.

The websites I mainly used were Youtube, to watch music videos of different performers in order to understand the codes of conventions of each genre, and Google based tools like Google docs, Slides and Forms in order to analyse and conduct my own research. In using Youtube, I manage to discover what type of song and genre I would use for my own production, how I should shape my artist and if I would utilise genre conventions like some of the music videos I analysed or subvert them. However, moulding my artist in to a performer through other musicians on mediums such as Youtube was only half of the research I conducted. Through the help of Google Forms, I was able to conduct my own questionnaire which I emailed to many people in order to fully grasp the audience aspect of making a performer. In doing so, I learnt that from my research that looks and how the performer presents themself is very important to audiences and that’s what I put majority of my focus on—the image and persona of the performer.

After gathering enough research, the following stage was planning. This particular stage involved a lot of gathering and ordering my data and information. I found when working with someone communication was vital, therefore I happened to text my performer quit a lot regarding getting everything sorted for filming the video like what she should wear, how we should get to the location, if she would even be free on the day etc. So with all that information, it was important I ordered myself and kept track of everything. I used Google Slide especially to order my different ideas, proposals and dates like when I made the filming schedule on the dates both me and the performer were available. Once we had everything planned, it was crucial that we plan the star’s image perfectly, that’s when the Nikon camera came in quite helpful as we were able to take pictures of many differents ways I would image the performer and be able to compare them later.

As the planning soon finished and the construction stage began, I had a vivid image of what I wanted my star to look like. To come across as the seductive femme fatale character I envisaged, I had to create symbolism and imagery around the performer through the colours red, white and black. The red would be emphasised by the red dress and the red ribbons, the white would be the white room and the black would be black dress in addition to the shadows I casted on her face with the side and fill lighting to further highlight that mysterious and dark edge to the star. I was able to do that through my meticulous planning and control of the mise en scene around the artist but also the technology as well. After various tutorials online, I found that I grew an affinity for colour grading which made it immensely easier to control and emphasise the image of the femme fatale further than I had already established.

When filming I used multiple cameras to get multiple shots and angles of the singer. I used the Nikon d3300 and the Panasonic 4k Camcorder. Not only did this provide a diversity in camera shots but it also allowed me to cut my time in half hence giving me more time to film to get even more footage. The only problem that occured whilst doing so was the way the lighting affected both cameras. One came out looking as though the performer had a soft natural light placed on her while the other found the lighting too harsh. However, due to my previously aforementioned skill in colour grading I managed to bring both camera footages to an almost identical look on Final Cut Pro X. When using the software, I began to create an almost fantastical element to the femme fatale as the cross dissolve effect emphasised the dream like quality of certain parts of the song, further adding to the star’s image.

In the final part of construction phase, I used softwares like Adobe Photoshop and Wix.com to create both my album poster and website. When researching other artist’s and planning for this phase, I had to take in what exactly what made a website and album advert poster good. The difficulty in making both these mediums however was trying to synergyse both the media texts. What might have looked good for the album cover wouldn’t necessarily look good for the website. But seeing as I had already planned for this is, making a website and album poster that compliment each other was another obstacle I was able to overcome seeing as I already had a vivid image of the performer in mind.



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