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Unit 10 learning aim A 

Now that you have done some research into the genre of your film choices. Do the following research on narrative exposition in film openings:


  1. Watch the film opening - how does it take you into the world of the film?
  2. What elements of the narrative does it tell the audience?
    • Is the focus on character exposition? (potentially consider Propp here)
    • Is the focus on the thematic concerns of the film? (binary opposition - alien/human, rich/poor) 
    • Is setting and time/period a major part of the exposition of the narrative? Is it crucial for me to know this as it will affect my understanding of the narrative e.g. a Historical drama, a Western?
    • Is the genre the most significant part of the narrative exposition - this may be true of say a Slasher film, a Western, a Gangster movie.
  3. Where is the audience positioned in the narrative at the start of the film? 
    • For example a voiceover will position the story from the viewpoint of a character and will give information about the narrative before or even after the action that I am about to see.
    • A montage may give a sense of what has happened before the start of the film narrative. 4
    • How are enigma codes used to suprise the audience and draw them into the world of the story?

Unit 10 learning aim A


Watching short films - task 3

Go to this short film website - Short Film of the Week 

Watch the short film - I'm in here.

Short films are a unique art form as they need to compress the narrative and thematic concerns of the film into a short timeframe. 

With this in mind - analyse the film and answer the following questions on a google slides document:


  1. What do we know about the main character from his conversation with the restaurant?
  2. What do we know about the character from the mise en scene?
  3. How do you feel when he initially hears the noises in the flat?
  4. How is the intrusion of the family made comedic (funny) rather than acary?
  5. Rewatch the key conversations between the two men - how do they develop the narrative?
  6. How is ediitng used to compress time - consider for example the 'moving in' montage?
  7. When does the narrative seem to become more sinister?
  8. How is sound used to create a shift in the mood of the story?
  9. How is lighting used to create a shift in the mood of the story?
  10. What theme or idea do you think that the film is exploring - what do you think that it is trying to say?





This work should take you three lessons- Exploring title sequences in film openings

This analysis of titles will be put on your blog - everyone needs to do this individually.  You need to make sure that you produce a PP on google slides - you need images on the PP.  


Go to the following website that analyses and shows Film title sequences = Art of the Title

I would like you to look at the following film titles 


Dawn of the Dead

Alien Series 

Dirty Harry

The Player

Once Upon a Time in The West 

Mean Streets  

I would like you to start by watching each of these ttile sequences and getting an overview of why they are effective as opening titles sequences - try and discuss with each other how they make you feel.

Then answer the following questions for at least two of the sequences:

  1. How are the titles edited with music/sound/shot types - think about the pace of the edit?
  2. How do the titles/typography reflect the narrative/themes/genre of the Film?
  3. How is music and sound used in the film opening - remember silence is sound
  4. What iconography is used and how is it used to develop genre? 
  5. How is the narrative established - if you had to sum up the 'story' in sentence what would it be? For each film come up with a sentence that is snappy and sums up what you think the film is about.
  6. Does the Film opening contain enigma codes - give some examples of these.
  7. If the film introduces the main character how does the director develop the characters that we see? Explore the use of mise en scene, cinematography and editing to establish character.
  8. Does the title sequence introduce the thematic concerns/ideas of the film?
  9. How does it draw you into the world of the film?
  10. Write down every title and the time it comes in to the sequence - including insitution logos. 



Prelim Task - finish and evaluate 

Complete your prelim task and then make an evaluation of the process and outcome on goolge slides.

 The following questions will assist you:

You need to now reflect and assess the success of the P task.

 Now reflect on what you achieved in the following sections 

Pre production planning

  • What was the task 
  • How effectively did you plan it 
  • Did everyone in the group contribute effectively - how could you improve this for the main task
  • Talk about how you developed your creative ideas.


  •  What went well on the set/day of the shoot?
  • What problems did you encounter?
  • What have you learnt in terms of how you will run the shoots for your film opening?

Post Production 

  • What do you learn in post production - technical skills 
  • What did you learn about how thinking about editing can help when you are actually shooting the footage 


Analyse - your P task 

How effectively did you meet the brief - what mistakes did you make 

What will you improve next time