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BLOG 4 - Independant - pair work 

Analyse 1 film opening - it could be one that we have completed together in class

  • Shot types/angles/movements 
  • Visual Style - Lighting/colour
  • Editing - fast/slow/pace/long takes/exposition of narrative - character - setting - time?
  • How does the opening suggest the genre or the themes of the film? 
  • How is sound/music used to draw us into the world of the film?
  • If the film is part of a franchise - how does it fit with the conventions of previous title sequences in the same franchise? 

Throughout/or at the end of the analysis make sure that you are reflecting on what aspects of the opening are inspirational in terms of the creative process - how are the openings that you are analysing building into your ideas for film openings/title sequences.

For each film make sure that you have also done the title exercise below: 

  • Now - watch the film - just focus on the titles - what they say and when they appear.
  • For each title write down what it says - when it appears e.g. 3 sec, 15 sec etc 
  • For each title also say what is shown or what you hear when it appears - how does this add to the effect of the opening.
  • You may also want to consider the pace of the titles.

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