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BLOG 5 (this could be added to blog 3 and 4) analysis narrative nature/exposition of the openings and how they conclude

An element that OCR really look out for when they are moderating film opening title sequences is the sense of the opening having a good structure.

They want students to really consider how they draw the auidence into the world of the film story but also they like it if there is a sense of the title sequence ending - ie they award the highest marks to students who consider how their sequences start, build and end.

With this in mind:

View all the opening title sequences that you have analysed again - really focus now on how you are made to feel at different points in the opening title sequence.

How are you drawn into the world of the film story? 

How is this developed?

How do you know that the opening titles are over and the film proper is starting?

How much of the actual film story do you know from the opening 2-3 mins - this is a key element as you will be marked down for an opening that tells the whole story in the opening 2 minutes.

Please think of a way of presenting this work on your blog - I suggest Vlogs or voice overs - however if you do not have the skills to complete the work in this way make sure that you do use screen shots. 



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