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BLOG 8 - Reflection on P task 

You need to now reflect and assess the success of the P task.

 Now reflect on what you achieved in the following sections 

Pre production planning

  • What was the task 
  • How effectively did you plan it 
  • Did everyone in the group contribute effectively - how could you improve this for the main task
  • Talk about how you developed your creative ideas.


  •  What went well on set/day of the shoot?
  • What problems did you encounter?
  • What have you learnt in terms of how you will run the shoots for your film opening?

Post Production 

  • What do you learn in post production - technical skills 
  • What did you learn about how thinking about editing can help when you are actually shooting the footage 


Analyse - your P task 

How effectively did you meet the brief - what mistakes did you make 

What will you improve next time


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