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Reminder of the planning list - some ideas

This has been previously posted - however I am doing it again.

I am posting this so that you can see the extent and depth of your planning tasks.  Hopefully this will make you see how important it is to keep up with the work set.

This is not a comprehensive list - however you should have most of the following on your BLOG by the time you start filming.

  •  Synopsis of the film 
  • Three ways that the film could open 
  • Which is the most effective and achievable - why?  
  1. Storycannon for the film opening 
  2. What will I see/What will I hear write up
  3. Storyboard for the film opening -
  4. Filming Schedule - based on the storyboard
  5. Screenplay/shooting script
  6. Location ideas - and reflections on how you can access these locations 
  7. Health and Safety check - this must be ok'd by your teacher 
  8. Props/Sets/Costumes 
  9. Lighting ideas
  10. Framing/Focus - ideas and test shoots
  11. Actor ideas - with test head shots or short films  - why have they been chosen?
  12. Ideas for typography for the titles - these need to be considered in the planning stage not as an add on at the end.
  13. Ideas for sound and music - these need to be considered in the planning stage not as an add on at the end.
  14. Minutes of planning meetings/reflections on stages in the production

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