Join Storyboard That

This is the link to Storyboard That - it is a webste that allows you to make storyboards - you will be able to:

  • print them
  • export as image files and put them in a movie application - if you wanted to use sound
  • embed them directly into your blog 

The first thing that you need to do is register.

  1. Click on the link above

A window will open - you need to register - create a user name and password:

Once you have registered a window like this one will open:

As you can see - our school name is haverstockmedia and our access key is schools14.  Your name is the user name that you created. 

Your user name must be your full name in lowercase with no spaces.

You will now enter the 'storyboard that' website. 

You may want to read the guide first.

You can upload JPEG - so for example if you had a studio logo/background etc that you want to use - upload it.

Remember to save your storyboard ideas.

Remember to log out.

Next time you long in you will do the following - obviously with your own user name and password.