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List of planning 

  1. Respond to the brief
  2. Watch Twinnings ads - analyse the adverts - sum up the brand identity 
    1. What do they suggest about Twinnings tea and how do they do this?
    2. Do they have a USP - unique selling point?
    3. What kind of audience do they seem to target and how do you know this?
  3. Your initial ideas - explain what they are - say why they fit the brief
  4. Storyboard for your own idea - 10 frames
  5. Script for your own idea
  6. Have a meeting with your team - decide whose idea you are going with - post a meeting minutes/record the meeting 
  7. For your final group idea produce the following: 
    1. storyboard
    2. script
    3. location ideas
    4. prop ideas
    5. filming schedule - what you will film/when/ what equipment you need/ what props/costume/actors you need 
    6. risk assessment for each filming session/scene 
    7. Music/sound ideas

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