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Different way of evaluating unit 3 and 9 

Introduce the Brief 

1 Evaluate the process of of making the advert - divide it into:

Pre production planning - storyboards/scripts/test shots - for these elements evaluate how important they were in terms of planning.


  1. How important was your research into other adverts and how did this allow you to develop your own ideas?
  2. How important was the discussions and ideas that you shared with your group
  3. How important were the planning items e.g. storyboard/script.


Production - filming - evaluate how you filmed the advert.  Talk about at least 4 specific elements of the filming process, e.g. When we had finished planning we used this on our first shoot to make sure that we filmed the correct scenes.  In the first shoot we did the extreme long shots of the school and surrounding area for our montage.  This was more difficult than we thought that it would be as passers by kept on looking at the camera, also some of the first shots were too shakey.

Successes/problems - on the shoot (when you were filming)


Now evaluate the process of editing 

What did you do - how did using FCP help you to create your film opening.  Remember to evaluate editing of sound/titles and movie files.


Now evaluate the process of editing 

What did you do - how did using FCP help you to create your film opening.  Remember to evaluate editing of sound/titles and movie files.

Areas of editing that you need to comment on:

  1.  Continuity editing - why did you use it = what effect did it have?
  2. Montage editing - what is the impact?
  3. Cross cutting/parallel editing - did you use it - if so what was the effect?
  4. Jump cuts - did you use them - what was the effect?

 The main thing that you need to consider in terms of editing is how you compressed a narrative into a short space of time. This helped you to get your message across to the audience. 

Read this example - I used close up shots of a cup of tea being made that were cut together as a sequential montage. This allowed me to compress time, so the making of the cup of tea looked easy and simple. It also allowed me to feature the product and make it attractive to the audience.

Feedback from your peers 

What did your peers (friends) say about your advert?

What did you learn from their feedback?

e.g. - When we had feedback from our audience they said that the jump cuts were too slow and needed speeding up .....

Final section 

Now analyse the impact on the audience of your advert - make sure that you analyse 


  • mise en scene - lighiting/costume/setting/actor gestures etc - what do these tell the audience?
  • shot types/camera movements/camera angles 
  • Editing - make sure that you analyse: 
    •  pace of editing
    •  the order of the narrative
    • the use of sound effects as well as music and sound - what effect do these have on the audience


 Key terms for this section:

narrative, genre, signify, connotation, denotation, iconography, iconographic

Low key lighting, saturated colour, desaturated colour, high angle, low angle, 

All the shot types - long shot, close up etc 

Editing - montage, graphic match, cross cut, parallel editing, sound effect, music, sound bridge, continuity editing 






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