Potential Names for the Album

  • Lonely Nights
  • Line-up
  • Cypher
  • Off the record
  • Under wraps 
  • Silence
  • Make over


2nd Draft of Music Video


Progress with implementing special effect

So far we have made good progress with adding the 'scribble effcect' as an overlay to our video. Upon first attempt using After Effects, we found it a challenge to figure out how to select the apprpriate tool and tool setting to enable us to draw in the effects. After experimenting with the programme we located the 'brush' tool under the 'window' tab. We then scrubbed through each individual frame and drew on the effect according to the performer's hand movenments. This was our first attempt and we hope to be able to incorporate this idea later throughout the video, in a more complex manner. 


Day 2 of Filming 

We managed to locate Leak Street (graffiti tunnel), where we filmed an entire new performance. This also gave us the opportunity to gather numerous abstracts shots which we can use in between the performances. The main difficulty we encountered was lighting issues which made it difficult to appropriately illuminate the performers face at times. We managed to work around it by relocating to a part of the location where more natural light was available which enabled us to keep the appearance more balanced. Overall today was a very successful day of filming.


Feedback on Music Video Draft


  • Effective cinematography (fast track-in)
  • Appropriate use of a studio location
  • Suitable costumes 
  • Fitting use of filters/overlays. E.g. black and white 


  • Unwanted ambient noise can be heard during a shot in the studio
  • The church setting doesn't complement the lyrics and detracts from the aesthetic
  • Framing of shots needs to be more carefully planned
  • Exessive cuts in between shots


  • Discount the church shots
  • Scout for more locations


1st Draft of Music Video

Using the footage we had gathered from the first day of filming and some of the test shots, we decided to put together a brief draft. This gave us a better idea as to what the final product may look like and what we may have to alter moving forward.



Call sheet 1


Risk Assessment

Now that we have scouted and verified the locations that we will be filming in, we must identify and assess the major risks which we may encounter while filming. We have also considered the precautions we will put in place. 

 Additional measures:

As the Pergola in Hampstead Heath is considered as part of a private property, it is crucial that we first gain permission for filming. If we fail to do this, we may run the risk of being escorted out of the premises whilst filming and may even possibly have our equipment confiscated. 
Similarly, filming at the graffiti tunnel in Leak street will also require a permit. Laws regarding filming seems to be very stringent at this particular location, therefore it important that we abide by these laws whilst not interfering the creations of spray painters who often occupy the area.



Location Ideas/Logistics 

Our initial idea was to film the entire music video in outdoor, day/night time settings to correspond with the literal meaning of the title of the song. But after pitching this idea to our audience we were told that this would be a cliche. Based on this feedback, we dicided to build upon the initial concept by planning to incorporate indoor locations to along side the outdoor ones. 

The first location which came to mind was the Southbank skatepark. However we relaised that this would be too busy of a location and may prove difficult to carry out extended sessions of filming without being interrupted. As an alternative we found the Leak street graffiti tunnel which is located in a more secluded area:

This is an ideal location as it displays an extremely vibrant aesthetic. Also the fact that there is minimal natural light means that the tunnel would be mainly illuminated by the panels of lights that are placed around the tunnel. This could be a challege which we may have to overcome by using the aperture settings in the camera to compensate for the lost light.



Day 1 of Filming 


Day n Nite storyboard


Costume Ideas

Upon initial thoughts, I feel that the most effective star constuction would be created through having the performer wear both smart and casual cloting. This would help to portray two very constrasting sides of his chracter. 


Day n Nite Lyrics Moodboard