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Representation of One Direction- Star Study


One Direction is boy band aimed at girls between the ages of 9-18.

The representation of One Direction is constructed as fun, loving, clean-cut young men. This is shown in their appearance and the way they are promoted to appeal to young women. For example in the song “One Thing” the record label has represented the band this way by shaping their personality to look very cheerful and fun. This is done by showing them interacting with their fans. This appeals to the band's predominantly female fan base as the artists can be looked up to as role models that are typically cheerful and could aspire the audience to feel the same.  

One Direction can only be seen wearing smart, casual clothing in a majority of their music videos and public appearances. This creates a concept of them living a normal life which most people can relate to. This also specifically appeals to young women as it makes the them look more attainable.

Musical style
One Direction's music genre is Pop. Their lyrics usually revolve around love and living an enjoyable life. For example in the song "live While We're Young", they are presented as happy successful young men. This specifically appeals to young people as it motivates them to enjoy their youth. This could also work in favour of the band and the institution as if the band is thought to be popular and successful, the audience may be influenced by this and be convinced to buy their songs.

Ways of connecting with their audience
It is important for the record label to use a variety of techniques to promote the band in order to generate the maximum amount of revenue. One of the main ways One Direction connects with their audience is through their website. It enables their fans to access things such as, latest albums, merchandise, videos, events, photos etc. This appeals to the target audience as it allows them to support the band by purchasing their albums and merchandise and represent themselves as fans of One Direction. 
One Direction also uses social media sites as a way of connecting with their fans. For example on Facebook, fans are able to see photos and interact with the band and stay informed about upcoming events. One Direction fans are identified as "Directioners". This appeals to the audience as it creates a sense of belonging and makes them feel as if they are a part of a community.  

Institutional promotion  
One Direction are partnered with two well established record labels, Syco records(owned by Simon Cowell) and Columbia records(owned by Steve Barnett). They are fully aware of the most effective ways of marketing the band in order to generate the maximum number of sales. These record labels own other similar bands such as,  Home Free, Passion Pit, EScala, Il Divo etc.  

How are they promoted?
One Direction are promoted and advertised across many media platforms to increase their publicity. They often travel around the world attending live shows and festivals. They also appear in TV shows such as, X-Factor, Children In Need, Red Or Black etc. They often get featured in magazines such as J-14 and US weekly. These promotional methods appeals to the audience as this allows them to see more in depth information and stories about their personal lives which helps to create a better connection between the fans and the artists.

Other promotional/marketing methods
One Direction’s also reached out to other genres of media to promote themselves. For example their music video “Best Song Ever” was used as a marketing tool to promote their movie “This Is Us”. A poster of the movie was featured at the end of the music video to inform fans who were unaware of it, in the same sense that the film itself featured songs of One Direction to show people who haven't heard their songs.






Music Video Auteur Study






Coursework Production: Music Video

This year, as part of our course work, we were tasked with producing one of the following media products: film trailer, short film or music video. After having extensive group discussions, we decided to work towards producing a music video as we felt that we would be much more engaged throughout all stages of its production. Also given the fact that a film trailer has multiple similarities to a film opening when concerned with the production process, it meant that a music video was the clear option which would allow us the opportunity to explore new ideas that we haven't previously considered. 

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