Blogs for the evaluation 


Learning aim D - evaluating and reflecting on your work 


Reflection on your ideas for the brochure 

Post your pp for the ideas for the brochure - from unit 5

 Now make a response to this in terms of which internal and external shots you will take.

You could do a chart:

  1. Place/location of photo - 
  2. pros 
  3. cons




Work to complete in the next two weeks

You need to start planning and taking your photographs for your Camden leaflet

Read through the following PP 

Read through the example planning blog that is hyperlinked here

Start by writing an outline of the brief and what this means in terms of your planning.



Learning aim C 


Good website for creating mind maps 

GO conqr - example mindmap (unfinished)


Mind Map created by Jane Somerville with GoConqr


Example response to the brief 

I have now been given the brief.  This is outlined below.

I need to take 6 photographs in all.


  • 3 Interior 
  • 3 Exterior 


I will need to consider lighting, depth of field and composition. The school needs to be shown in a positive way as this brochure is targeted at parents/carers and prospective students. 

I also need to show the following:


  1. A lesson being taught
  2. The school's diversity
  3. The school as an inspirational place to learn
  4. Excellent facilities






Unit 10 learning aim B4 - this needs doing by Friday


What you need to do next 

You need to make a poweroint that outlines different types of photography. The powerpoint in the blog post below will assist you and has examples. You will need to do some independant research into different types of photography and photographers.

The types of photography that you need to cover are:


● Types:
  • location shots (uncontrollable conditions, urban, rural)
  • architectural, e.g. for publicity, marketing) studio (interior) shots, stylised (controlled) lighting, e.g.
  • portraits, pack shots, fashion
  •  events photography (the ‘money’ shot, unpredictable conditions, e.g. sports, promotions, paparazzi)
  • night shots (lighting issues, long exposure, light trails,use of flash)
  • shots of moving objects/people (shutter speed,panning, zoom, focus)
  • portraits (intended audience, official, unofficial, e.g.people, groups).
Learners will understand that photography has moved a longway from film-based cameras with negatives to moderndigital cameras but that the essential techniques have remained the same over time.


The powerpoint below is a student example - it is not exhaustive - however it will give you some ideas.



Learning Aim B.1 Photography Shots


Next task for unit 10 


What to do today and tomorrow - Miss Knight 

 Read the whole of this blog post please 

Continue putting the photos that you have taken so far onto a google portfolio powerpoint. Check the photos against the list that you were given to see that you have covered all of them. 

If you look at the assignment brief - this lists the photos that you should have taken.

 On the PP also put the following info:

·      Shot type/angle/focus  
·      Tech info (press command I to get this info) e.g  aperture what kind of image file it is and the size
·      What is good about the photo – you could comment on framing/exposure/composition/depth of field
·      If you would improve any aspect of the photo what would it be? 


Next do the following 
Topic B.3 Exporting and storing digital photographs 
For at least 2 of photographs that you take make sure that you make a screen shot that shows how you have imported them, filed them, named them placed them on your google slides portfolio and uploaded the portfolio.
Put these screen shots on a slide show and put it on your blog with a description of what you did.

● File transfer, e.g. from digital camera, smart device.
● File formatting, e.g. Jpeg, RAW, TIF.
● Storing on hard drive (file name,
 folder name. 

● Storing on external devices (memory stick, CD, DVD).
 For at least 3 of photographs that you take make sure that you make a screen shot that shows how you have imported them, filed them, named them placed them on your google slides portfolio and uploaded the portfolio.




assignment brief learning aim B


Websites that will assist you 

Great website for composition in photography - click here 


You choose three of these print adverts