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What you need to do next 

You need to make a poweroint that outlines different types of photography. The powerpoint in the blog post below will assist you and has examples. You will need to do some independant research into different types of photography and photographers.

The types of photography that you need to cover are:


‚óŹ Types:
  • location shots (uncontrollable conditions, urban, rural)
  • architectural, e.g. for publicity, marketing) studio (interior) shots, stylised (controlled) lighting, e.g.
  • portraits, pack shots, fashion
  •  events photography (the ‘money’ shot, unpredictable conditions, e.g. sports, promotions, paparazzi)
  • night shots (lighting issues, long exposure, light trails,use of flash)
  • shots of moving objects/people (shutter speed,panning, zoom, focus)
  • portraits (intended audience, official, unofficial, e.g.people, groups).
Learners will understand that photography has moved a longway from film-based cameras with negatives to moderndigital cameras but that the essential techniques have remained the same over time.


The powerpoint below is a student example - it is not exhaustive - however it will give you some ideas.


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