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In 1000 words compare the impact of two promotional methods used in the launch of one game across two different media platforms. You can use screen shots to exemplify what you analyse.


  • Introduce the game, mentioning the Star Wars film franchise, and say when it was released (UK).  Which institution made it and what platforms is it available on?

  • Say what the genre of the game is and clearly identify the target audience. Say what the PEGI rating is.  

  • Introduce the idea of games marketing across media platforms. Why do institutions do this?

  • Say which promotional methods you will be comparing: the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Live Action Trailer TV Commercial 2017 trailer and the official website.

    • What is the purpose of the website/trailer – how do they differ?

    • How does the audience of the website differ slightly from the trailer?

    • Where would I see the trailer?

Trailer: Representation of character

  • Describe the narrative of the trailer.

  • What do the two characters in the trailer represent? Give examples of how these representations are constructed. Link to film. Bring in Levi-Strauss’s Binary Oppositions theory.

  • Representation of the male character (PEEL para on his construction. What does he look like? What sort of things does he like to do? Bring in stereotypes. How does this appeal to the audience?)

  • Representation of the female character (PEEL para on her construction. What does she look like? What sort of things does she like to do? Bring in changing ideologies and reasons for this, including why the institution has chosen to represent her like this. How does this appeal to the audience?)

  • How is their relationship represented? Why will this appeal to the audience for the TV trailer?

  • The trailer shows the two characters growing up from small children to young adults – what does this say about the franchise and the legacy of the brand?


Trailer: Representation of setting and gameplay

  • Representation of setting in the “real life” section of the trailer. PEEL para. How does this appeal to the audience?

  • Representation of setting in the “game play” section of the trailer. PEEL para. How does this appeal to the audience?

  • Representation of the game play. How does it represent the genre of the game and what will be involved in playing the game? (e.g locations used, action adventure shooting game)

  • Not much gameplay is actually used - what is the institution relying on instead? (legacy of the brand. Reinforced with use of iconic music)

  • What uses and gratifications does this sort of game offer the audience?

  • Institutional aspects of the trailer - age certificate shown at the beginning along with platform it’s available on. Platform is shown throughout the whole advert and comes up again in the middle of the screen at the end - why? Name of game also shown throughout trailer - why?


  • The website does not use the live action narrative from the trailer. However the scrolling animation does emphasise similar things and create synergy with the trailer

    • Representation of genre (what is shown?)

    • The importance of the binary oppositions of good and evil (how is this shown?)

    • The prominence of strong female characters (how is this representation created?)


Institutional Aspects of the website:

(You MUST cover all of this section in good detail otherwise you canot achieve a good mark!)

  • Opportunities to buy game (there are several) – any uses of call to action or directional cues? Benefits for the instition. Benefits for the audience. 

  • Log in/Register - benefits for audiences and institutions?

  • Social media icons (Join the conversation) and forums - benefits for audiences and institutions?

  • Layout of website – why have the institution designed it how they have? How does it want your eyes to track around it? Hyperlinks, tabs, minimised navigation bar, very visual with not much text - why is this?

  • What is shown on the scroll down pages of the website? How do these appeal to the audience? Link to how the insitution is using the legacy of the franchise and brand.


  • What do the trailers on the website show and why are they different to the TV trailer? Why have the institution made different trailers for the different platforms?


  • Institutional details at the bottom – what’s there and why? (developers logos, legal information, PEGI rating)

The trailer as a promotional tool

  • How effective is the trailer as a promotional tool?

  • How does it appeal to new audiences and existing audiences of the game?

The website as a promotional tool

  • How effective is the website as a promotional tool?


How effective do you think that the branding is between the website and the trailer – how do they synergise? Effectiveness of the cross-media marketing campaign? How the promotional methods work together to target the audience?


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