Practical work for assignment 2

Once you have you have completed your promotional report you need to complete two pieces of cross promotional practical work for your own computer game.

  • A 10 pane storyboard for the TV advert
  • The homepage for the game

Both of these pieces need to be completed to a high standard and coloured in. 

They need to follow the conventions of home pages/adverts

Come up with an idea for your own game:

    • It needs to be a PEGI teen - not 18
    • You need to consider the genre/type of game e.g massively multi-player online, sim game, real time strategy, action, puzzle, role play, stealth, shooter, educational etc etc 
    • Where is it set? What is the purpose? Who are the avatars?
    • Think about your target audience - age, gender? 

Before you draw anything 

Come up with an idea for the advert - you need to include the following:

  • A story that will draw me into the game - try and link this into your target audience. 
  • Show game play - at least 4 frames should be this - remember to include music, sound, dialogue, and iconography of the game genre.
  • You may want to use intertiles to give extra information about the game e.g. 'customise you', 'multiplayer and many world'
  • Show avatars - this will attract your target audience
  • A pack shot - of the console and game - usually at the end 
  • When its out - platforms - PEGI rating etc

 You must use a range of shots/music/sound/dialogue/intertiles etc 

Homepage design -do a design for 'above the fold' and another for 'below the fold'

You need to come up with a synergising design between the homepage and the advert.  Synergising elements could be:

    • Characters that I see
    • Setting that I see
    • iconography of the game/narrative/genre?
    • Colour palette
    • Typography
    • Central image/Video 
    • Platform availbility 
    • Games developer and distributer
    • Community features - join etc - gamification?
    • Extra features 

 Your home page needs to have:

    • One dominant central image/video
    • A masthead - think about the order of the top nav 
    • Calls to action 
    • Top navigation 
    • Hyperlinks
    • A footer
    • Social Media links 
This needs to be coloured in 

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