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Games Website Helpsheet

Does your website have the following….?

  • A strong image/background images

    • The graphics are often the USP of a computer game so images will feature prominently.

  • Strong characterisation (even if this is robots or aliens)

  • Genre signifiers: images, colours, typography etc

  • Suggestions of narrative/objective/gameplay mechanism

  • Name of game (usually not v big?)

  • PEGI rating (appropriate for the content)

  • Sign up/Sign in function

  • Social networking links

  • Institutional logos (maybe several?)

  • Institutional fine print at the bottom? (eg Privacy, Terms of Service , Legal etc – go look at the bottom of games websites for ideas)

  • Buy now tabs

  • Platform options

  • Navigation bar (eg About, Maps, Characters, Weapons, Media, Community etc)

  • Embed trailer

  • Other video content? E.g. game play

  • Awards won, reviews

  • Needs to be drawn landscape

  • Photo Gallery of images from the game, wall papers featuring the characters etc

  • Store (for merchandise)

  • Chat Forums / Interactive areas

  • Exclusive members only areas offering special content for members

  • Downloadable content eg extra levels, new weapons, new playable characters etc


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