TV drama 

As prep for the exam - you need to have done some independant research into the two TV dramas that you will talk about in Question 1. 

Here are some useful websites that will give you additional information about the TV series Thirteen (BBC3) 

TV tropes 

The Guardian Review  - some excellent points about the narrative intentions of the author 

Wikipedia - synopsis of each episode and additional information about the production/actors/characters etc 

Vulture - online media mag - another review of the series finale


Serial TV Drama Research


Music Video Evaluation


Games Website Helpsheet

Does your website have the following….?

  • A strong image/background images

    • The graphics are often the USP of a computer game so images will feature prominently.

  • Strong characterisation (even if this is robots or aliens)

  • Genre signifiers: images, colours, typography etc

  • Suggestions of narrative/objective/gameplay mechanism

  • Name of game (usually not v big?)

  • PEGI rating (appropriate for the content)

  • Sign up/Sign in function

  • Social networking links

  • Institutional logos (maybe several?)

  • Institutional fine print at the bottom? (eg Privacy, Terms of Service , Legal etc – go look at the bottom of games websites for ideas)

  • Buy now tabs

  • Platform options

  • Navigation bar (eg About, Maps, Characters, Weapons, Media, Community etc)

  • Embed trailer

  • Other video content? E.g. game play

  • Awards won, reviews

  • Needs to be drawn landscape

  • Photo Gallery of images from the game, wall papers featuring the characters etc

  • Store (for merchandise)

  • Chat Forums / Interactive areas

  • Exclusive members only areas offering special content for members

  • Downloadable content eg extra levels, new weapons, new playable characters etc



Practical work for assignment 2

Once you have you have completed your promotional report you need to complete two pieces of cross promotional practical work for your own computer game.

  • A 10 pane storyboard for the TV advert
  • The homepage for the game

Both of these pieces need to be completed to a high standard and coloured in. 

They need to follow the conventions of home pages/adverts

Come up with an idea for your own game:

    • It needs to be a PEGI teen - not 18
    • You need to consider the genre/type of game e.g massively multi-player online, sim game, real time strategy, action, puzzle, role play, stealth, shooter, educational etc etc 
    • Where is it set? What is the purpose? Who are the avatars?
    • Think about your target audience - age, gender? 

Before you draw anything 

Come up with an idea for the advert - you need to include the following:

  • A story that will draw me into the game - try and link this into your target audience. 
  • Show game play - at least 4 frames should be this - remember to include music, sound, dialogue, and iconography of the game genre.
  • You may want to use intertiles to give extra information about the game e.g. 'customise you', 'multiplayer and many world'
  • Show avatars - this will attract your target audience
  • A pack shot - of the console and game - usually at the end 
  • When its out - platforms - PEGI rating etc

 You must use a range of shots/music/sound/dialogue/intertiles etc 

Homepage design -do a design for 'above the fold' and another for 'below the fold'

You need to come up with a synergising design between the homepage and the advert.  Synergising elements could be:

    • Characters that I see
    • Setting that I see
    • iconography of the game/narrative/genre?
    • Colour palette
    • Typography
    • Central image/Video 
    • Platform availbility 
    • Games developer and distributer
    • Community features - join etc - gamification?
    • Extra features 

 Your home page needs to have:

    • One dominant central image/video
    • A masthead - think about the order of the top nav 
    • Calls to action 
    • Top navigation 
    • Hyperlinks
    • A footer
    • Social Media links 
This needs to be coloured in