Essay: Representation of Character

Representation of character:

  • Describe the narrative of the trailer.

  • What do the two characters in the trailer represent? Give examples of how these representations are constructed. Link to film. Bring in Levi-Strauss’s Binary Oppositions theory.

  • Representation of the male character (PEEL para on his construction. What does he look like? What sort of things does he like to do? Bring in stereotypes. How does this appeal to the audience?)

  • Representation of the female character (PEEL para on her construction. What does she look like? What sort of things does she like to do? Bring in changing ideologies and reasons for this, including institutional. How does this appeal to the audience?)

  • How is their relationship represented?

  • The trailer shows the two characters growing up from small children to young adults – what does this say about the franchise and the legacy of the brand?


Introduction for your Essay

  • Introduce the game, mentioning the Star Wars film franchise, and say when it was released (UK).  Which institution made it and what platforms is it available on?

  • Say what the genre of the game is and clearly identify the target audience. Say what the PEGI rating is.  

  • Introduce the idea of games marketing across media platforms. Why do institutions do this?

  • Say which promotional methods you will be comparing: the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Live Action Trailer TV Commercial 2017 trailer and the official website.

    • What is the purpose of the website/trailer – how do they differ?

    • How does the audience of the website differ slightly from the trailer?

    • Where would I see the trailer?


Trailer Analysis



Analysis of 2015 advert for Star Wars Battlefront