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Question 4? response - marketing 

If we are going to reach out to and maintain an audience to get a second series we need a strong marketing campaign. I feel that we should use a combination of traditional and digital marketing.

Poster/billboard campaign – this is essential as it has a big reach, particularly in urban areas. Targeting buses, tubes, rail stations as well as road side billboards will mean that we can raise awareness of the new game show with a large demographic, our older audience members may use emedia less – so a billboard will allow us to get the message out.

TV advert – we should have a short punchy TV ad on a few weeks before the show’s first episode; we need to consider the placement of the ad – perhaps after/before a popular show such as Coronation Street, X factor or Britain’s Got Talent any show with a large mainstream family audience. It’s also worth advertising before other game shows such as the Chase as they will have an audience that already enjoys game shows. Digital channels that show back to back game shows should also be considered for placement of the TV ad.

Using the host to promote the show – having a household name and popular TV presenter as our host will mean we can capitalise on PR. Talk shows, breakfast show interviews, interviews in listing magazines can all be ways to get our message out.

Mag and newspaper reviews and interviews – a traditional but useful part of our campaign this will engage with our audience, particularly those who use less emedia.

The range of strategies above will be supported by a digital and social media campaign. It will peak interest and get the audience looking online for more information.

Facebook – we need a facebook presence and should release content before the show so that we can get some trending and users embedding content – this could be teasers of the game play, contestant interviews, host interviews (we need to make sure that they talk about the show on their own facebook and twitter feed). We should also pay for some targeted ads on facebook as this is a way to really target specific groups – particularly those who already search for and watch game shows.

Twitter – we need to be twitter ready from production to broadcast. Twitter comments and interaction between the home audience have become powerful in creating a sense of interactivity and community.  This will help build our audience, particularly if we can get some trending tweets. Contestant reactions and feelings on twitter may be a way that we can extend this audience appeal.

The app – will allow you play along but is also a way for us to get to know our audience. Playing along and practise games when off air , the leader board, badges and prizes will give us the ability to use elements of gamification to entice our audience. We will also be able to send push notifications to make sure that they tune into the next show. The app could also be used to find new contestants. I think that it will give us an edge in building our audience.


Miss Knight says Other possible ways to market the show – website, Instagram? You may want to consider these as well.


For any marketing that you suggest please make sure you say how it targets the audience.


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