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Looking at a Film marketing campaign


The Hunger Games - studying a film franchise.


Today you will be using the IMDB website to investigate the branding/marketing campaign of the Hunger Games - Catching Fire. You will need the links below.

IMDB Wesbite - Front page Hunger Games - this is where all the information is.

Task 1 

Analysis of the film poster

Work in pairs to analyse the film poster for the film. Answer the following questions in your book.


  1. Describe the framing of the central image - what/who is it and what does it make us feel about the character and their role in the film? You should consider their Representation in terms of gender.
  2. What is the effect of the use of colour? 
  3. How does the colour link with the title of the film?
  4. Describe the secondary graphic (the picture in the background). What is it and how does it link to the narrative (story) of the film?
  5. What is the tagline for the film how does it add to the meaning of the images that we see?

In your analysis try to use as many key terms as you can. For example connotes, mid shot, mise en scene, representation.


IMDB website - poster 

Task 2


Now watch the trailer.

  1. Write down the order of everthing that you see and hear as well as what type of 
    • Shot types
    • Camera movements 
    • Edits - cuts, fades- pace of editing (slow/fast)?
    • Sound - music, dialogue, sound effects?
    • The use of intertiltles - these are the words that come on the screen - write down what they say
  2. What do we discover about the following:   
  • The narrative (what happens in the film)
  • The characters - who is the good/who is bad (binary opposition)
  • The genre of the film?
  • How do the intertiles add to our understanding of the story?
  • How does the film trailer use puzzles or enigma codes to make you want to go and see the film?


IMDB Website - The trailer 


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