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The Power of the Film Franchise 

Today you will be considering the following question:

Why are film franchises so popular with audiences and the film industry?

  1. Look up the term film franchise in a google search
  2. Write down a definition in your book 
  3. Write down a list of at least 5 famous film franchises
  4. Why do you think that audiences may like franchises?
  5. Why do you think that the film industry may like franchsies - is there any financial reason they may like them?

Task 2

Now you are going to analyse the marekting campaign for the next film in the Hunger Games series 

Here is the link to the poster 

Analysis of the film poster

Work in pairs to analyse the film poster for the film. Answer the following questions in your book.

  1. Describe the framing of the central image - what/who is it and what does it make us feel about the character and their role in the film? You should consider their Representation in terms of gender.
  2. What is the effect of the use of colour? 
  3. How does the colour link with the title of the film?
  4. Describe the secondary graphic (the picture in the background). What is it and how does it link to the narrative (story) of the film?
  5. is there a tagline for the film how does it add to the meaning of the images that we see? If there isn't why not?
  6. What are the similarites and differences between this poster and the first one your looked at ?
  7. Synergy is a term that means similarities that are used in products to create a sense of brand identity. Write this definition in your book.
  8. How do the two posters use synergy to create a sense of the film franchise and continuing narrative (story) of the film?

In your analysis try to use as many key terms as you can. For example connotes, mid shot, mise en scene, representation.


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