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Work for year 9 - 4th January 

Now that you have analysed a film trailer and poster - you need to come up with your own idea for a film marketing campaign.

This is pair work - you both need to write the ideas in your books


  1. Think of an idea for a new film targeted for the young teen market - (it cannot have adult content). 
    • You may want to think of a genre first - here are some suggestions:
      • Teen comedy
      • Sports comedy
      • Thriller
      • Rom Com 
      • Sci Fi 
      • Teen drama
      • Fantasy 
      • Action
  2. Write down what happens in the story/narrative of the film - you need to make sure that it would appeal to young people/teenager 
    • Where is it set?
    • Who are the main characters?
    • What happens in the story/narrative?
  3. Each person in your pair needs to come up with a design idea for the film poster. Make sure that your target audience gets a sense of the following 
    • Film genre
    • Characters
    • Location 
    • A sense of the narrative - e.g. binary oppositions etc 
    • Who made the film
    • When its released.



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