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When you have completed your poster

When your poster is complete - Save it as a PDF adn upload it to your google drive

Storyboarding your trailer idea:

Think of 10 scenes from your film which give a sense of the following:

    • Establish character
    • Establish setting 
    • Establish narrative (story)
    • Establish genre

Now decide on at least four different shot types  

    • For example a long shot may establish setting.
    • A close up of the character's face with some dialogue and music may establish character.
    • A mid shot/two shot of two of the characters talking may show the audience something about the narrative and the characters.
    • Close up of an object - e.g football (sports film)/ Gun (action/thriller) flowers (rom com) may be a signifier of genre 
    • Don't forget that sound and editing style can also signify genre

You can see from the storyboards provided that you also need to indicate the following:


    • Sound - including dialogue/sound effects and music 
    • Length of shot - how long 3 seconds/4 seconds 
    • Edit type - cut/fade/wipe etc


The best storyboards may also use the following:


  • sound bridges - sound making a connection between two edits 
  • graphic matches - images that are similar,  making a connection between two shots 
  • L - cuts - where the sound from one scene is heard whilst the audience see a shot from a different scene. e.g. a close up of the main character looking sad, dialogue from another scene is put with this shot 'When did you realise that he had taken all the money?' Then it cuts to a scene that shows ta person breaking into a house and stealing money.

Try and follow the conventions of a trailer:

  • Title of the film goes at the end of the sequence 
  • Release dates 
  • Actors/producers/directors/reviews - if these are significant 
  • You may also use intertitles - titles that anchor the meaning of what the audience are seeing. 




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