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Filming Session: The Pergola

Due to our 2nd draft audience feedback we needed to get another performance to add to the studio and graffiti tunnel performances. We were told about this location from our peers and after doing some research we decided it would be a fantastic location to add more of a sunny theme into our video as opposed to strictly night, which was seen mostly in the 2nd draft.

Prior to leaving and filming at the location, we made sure to fill out a filming permission slip in order to ensure that we are able to film the entirity of our shots in one session without being asked to leave as it isn't public property.

Upon arriving we got multiple shots including a few in which our performer is on a balcony from mulitple positions; with these shots we are aiming to implement a shot where we clone the singer and see multiple versions of him. We also recorded another masked character scene as our audience didn't really like the grafitti masks scene as they believed it broke continuity. This is because the performer continues to perform as if nothing happened even after being disturbed by the clones which doesn't make that much sense. Finally we recorded an entire performance in which the artist is walking around the beautiful Pergola, down some stairs etc.

Overall, it was an extremely effective filming session that has put us much closer to our final product.

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