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Website 2nd Draft (Final)

In this draft I added a news feed to the right of the home page, this will keep all the fans updated with all the latest information. I also made the album download below the fold, and put the music video above the fold as I've found out it is a common trope for modern websites. In addition, I also added 'anchors' which mean when a user clicks on one of the titles: e.g HOME, MUSIC, or GALLERY, it will directly scroll them down to the point of the website they want to access. This is good because most of traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices, and this will cater to them , it also feels really smooth and sleek, improving the overall quality of the website

Below the fold I added a section in which listeners can download the latest album, a gallery of many unseen pictures, as well as the tour section in which users can pre-order tickers for his 'Cypher' tour in fall 2019. The ambient music theme is optional and isn't promted upon the audience as it could drive them away, however i placed it right below the artists name in the top right for users whom would like to listen. The majority of information is on the HOME section as this is traditional in websites and the excess stuff for hardcore fans is below the fold. Overall it is very simplistic but also effective, I strongly belive that the aesthetic of the website very nicely fits the album advert and music video; the synergy is very clear and strong.

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