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Album Advert Analysis: Kingdom Come

The album advert for Shawn Carter's ninth studio album "Kingdom Come" is quite simple yet it still manages to catch the readers eye and entise them. Firstly, the background image used is the actually album cover itself, with the resolution streched in order to fit on an advert. The catch-line reading "THE PRESIDENT OF HIP HOP RETURNS" is effective as Jay-Zs prior album was rumoured to be his 'retirement' album due to a few subliminal messages, the fact that he is returning makes this an extremely exciting prospect for anyone who enjoys his genre of music. This white font is in stark contrast to its black background and further emphasises how the album advert is eye-catching, my group and I will certainly make sure to acknowledge the use of colour as it can be extremely effective if used correctly.

Continuing with the semantic theme of colour, the main image in the middle is splashed with an aggressive red hue, carrying connotations of blood and violence along with it. Furthermore, Jay is dressed with a stereotypical Hip-Hop garment with the New York Yankees baseball cap. We could take inspiration from this as our performer is sporting a silver chain, making sure it is on show can help reinforce the genre to our target audience. As expected, the performers stage name is the largest piece of writing (in terms of font) on the entire advert taking up a huge proportion of it, it is probably the first thing that someone would see. Finally, the inclusion of the hit single towards the bottom of the screen is another stereotypical convention of album covers, it provides the viewer with one of the best songs of the allbum, luring them in to purchase it as it includes a song they possibly enjoy.

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