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Audience Feedback: 3rd Draft (Final)

After the tedious completion of our music video, we uploaded the finished draft to YouTube. Without any prompt we actually received a very nice comment from a randomer who stumbled upon our video; he/she praised loads of things such as of editing and creativity, both of which we're proud of. In addition to this we decided to gather the third and final batch of audience feedback to conclude the collection. We asked our fellow peers and teachers what they thought of the finished product.

As with the 2nd Draft, the editing expertise was defintely amongst the highlights of the video, in the final draft we spent countless hours in free periods constantly improving slight little nit-picks and always asking our teacher what we need to do to ensure we secure that vital 'A' grade. The audience claimed that there was a clear sense of narrative and the mixture of Day + Night was executed much much better as opposed to the 2d Draft.

The audience really liked the "Bloom" filter which we obtained through Final Cut Pro X in the Pergola shots as it looks extremely surreal which is what we are going for as he is 'freeing his mind'.

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